100 Sleeping Princes & The Kingdom of Dreams – Anime Preview

Synopsis: The heroine finds herself in the Dream World and becomes its princess. Now, she must awaken the sleeping princes and enlist their help in defending the Dream World from the onslaught of the yumekui. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

Obviously, how else would you help the audience catch up plot wise?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: If the title doesn’t already give away its otome game origins, 100 Sleeping Princes’ opening scenes will. When introducing its female protagonist, the show employs a first person view through her eyes, imitating the style of a first person dating game. Also our female protagonists shows only the most basic of personality in true self insert gaming place holder character style. 100 Sleeping Princes also happens to be an isekai, which might be a strike against it as this season and so many before it seem littered with this sub genre and thus something certain audiences are long tired of. Further compounding the matter is the rather flippant way the show addresses our heroine finding herself in this ‘new’ world. First, she has amnesia so they can dish out exposition but then they barely bother to/never explain exactly how she got here, and throw out one line about how she’s actually originally from this ‘new’ world and had been sent to our/the real world for protection and is now back to rescue princes? Why now? Why not sooner? Why her? The best we get is that only she can do it because she is the princess. So I guess this world has a shortage of women in royalty because we have a 100 princes but only one princess?

HOW CAN YOU TELL?? You’re not inside the town yet and there’s no signs of trade in this image.

Tom: 100 Sleeping Princes is extremely by the books, with so much of this first episode’s proceedings feeling like near a straight adaptation of tutorial video game text.There’s no surprises to be had, and that can make this first episode feel dry and predictable. That said, it’s still far easier a series to jump into because of that, compared to HIDIVE’s other very similar title, The Thousand Mustaketeers, also offering a massive boy harem. 100 Sleeping Princes’ keeps its introduction much simpler, only introducing us to two boys/princes at the start, making it easier to wade into and get to know the cast. The problem however is that the cast is so lacking in personality that even with so few introductions they hardly stand out anyway.

Linny: The world building of 100 Sleeping Princes is yet another issue to be picked over, or specifically the lack of it and the mismatch of its settings.We get a lot of verbal descriptions that do not match up with the visuals. For example, the world seems clearly medieval from the way people are dressed and armed, yet someone is arrested for selling goods that aren’t labelled as if this is happening in some modern world market where printing and labeling are commonplace. And in another scene, our group of main characters are strolling in what seems like quiet and empty outskirts of a small town in the boonies and yet boldly claim that the trade business is booming with no signs as to why they’d be saying so in that moment.

Because clearly the printing press exists in this clearly medieval looking universe.

Tom: Ultimately this boy-harem outing is very dry, lacking in unique personality, save for the second of our two introductory princes, whose sole quirk of is to quantify everything with “probably” and even that isn’t a whole lot to go on. If you’re hard up for a slew of good looking guys, you could easily do worse this season, but 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams is no great loss if you skip past it either.

Linny: 100 Sleeping Princes & The Kingdom of Dreams may have some appeal for otome fans but as someone who isn’t one, there’s absolutely nothing in this first episode that piqued my interest. What’s shown in this first episode is lacking in any unique or lively appeal, with all of the characters coming off more or less like standard tropes. Throw in the very haphazard world building and I find myself hard pressed to recommend this to anyone except maybe die hard otome game fans.

Take it or Leave it: 100 Sleeping Princes & The Kingdom of Dreams is another by the books otome-harem cash grab, offering little unique personality to make it stand out amongst the plethora of other, exceedingly similar, titles.

Take it or Leave it: 100 Sleeping Princes is probably only for fans of the original game/otome games in general, as it offers nothing more than standard otome fair.














100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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