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91 Days:

Original Air Dates: July 8, 2016 to ???

Mail: the anime.

Synopsis: When Avilio was but a boy he witnessed a horrible sight: The death of his family. Returning to the town of Lawless years later, Avilio sets about infiltrating the Vanetti family, the ones originally responsible for the death of his parents and brother. Avilio works his way into the Vanetti family all in hopes of bringing down retribution on those who took everything away from him.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: 91 Days comes with some solid animation that really sells the darker tone of the series, particularly during its opening scenes that establish the backstory. While 91 Days looks good, and it performs a solid introduction to its story, we don’t get too much time with any of its characters. We know our lead, Avilio, is out for vengeance with pretty good justification for it, and a few introductions for its supporting cast, but otherwise the entire focus of this episode is setting up the backdrop.

Linny: Thanks to the focus on setting up everything else, Avilio comes off as mysterious and unpredictable. We don’t know anything about him except his thirst for revenge and the events that set everything in motion. It becomes an intriguing tale of exactly how and what Avilio will do to pull it all off. The flashback does a pivotal job of selling the need for revenge and making the viewer invested in Avilio’s success.

Haven’t you been taught not to play with fire?

Tom: The series starts with a flash forward showing Avilio receiving a letter that sets everything to follow in motion. It’s followed by a flashback to the original murder. This sequence sets the stage for everything and the creative team behind 91 Days manages to get all its information in with as little dialogue as possible, making the scene feel more tense, more real and more dark than if it had been loaded up with conversation. It’s probably the best part of the episode as we witness the dark events that spur Avilio down the path of revenge. From there we flash forward again. It’s at this point we’re introduced to the overall setting, early 1900s America during the prohibition days where Alcohol was banned and the mafia took over its proliferation. You don’t need to know all that, although it might help to appreciate what 91 days is trying to do if you have some general interest or knowledge of the 1900s time period and mafia in general.

Linny: Considering how heavily steeped the story is in mafia culture, it’s likely to draw a lot of attention and praise from fans of that theme or even anyone who wants a mature and dark anime that doesn’t involve school kids. Though it is somewhat violent, the show has so far avoided gore, so it is a safe watch even for those with queasy temperaments. As someone who has never been interested in the mafia genre, I have no idea how realistic and factual this show will be but I can vouch that it seems headed to be one of the more intriguing revenge stories this season, regardless of its backdrop.

If you say so, Mr Connoisseur.

Tom: 91 Days is an original, one of the few this season and our only straight drama, which we seem to get one of every season. It’s one of the stronger original offerings and I strongly recommend this series to anyone burnt out on all the fantasy, sci-fi, or slice of life anime we get bucket loads off and would like to experience something different. It has unique subject matter, for anime anyway, and provides an entirely different concept than most of the medium in general.

Linny: 91 Days is definitely the token mature and historical show of this season, similar to Joker Game from last season in its colour palette and period setting. It’s clearly aimed at an older audience and will offer a nice break from the more common genres of the season.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: 91 Days is a potentially solid drama offering a tale of vengeance set during the 1900s prohibition when crime was on the rise. For anyone looking for anime a bit outside the norm.”

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“Recommended: A realistic period setting, unique theme and mature characters sets this show apart from other, more generic anime.”











91 Days is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com.

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  • True, the anime does do a good job of selling Angelo as a mysterious character. I’m definitely intrigued to find out more about him and what kind of person he is. And yeah, the family’s murder scene was very tight and well-executed. Hopefully, this one pans out better than Joker Game, lmao.

    • I have pretty high hopes that it’ll remain stronger than Joker Game. Anthologies are really tough to pull off and I think 91 Days is already in a better position for not attempting a story like that. Also Joker Game was an adaptation, where as this is Original, so there’s no source material to get in the way of a good story.

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