About Us

Mission Statement:

AllYourAnime.Net is meant to be your newest stop for all Seasonal Anime Coverage. We preview the first episodes of the thirty plus anime that air every season, followed by mid-season reviews for fifteen of those, and full reviews for ten at the end of each season.

Our goal is to provide you with previews and reviews that are as close to objective as possible. To help accomplish that, all seasonal anime reviews are double sided, offering you two separate takes on each series’ strengths and weaknesses. We’re focused on outlining what each anime does well and doesn’t, helping to produce a review that is less concerned with imposing our own tastes on you.

In addition to Seasonal Anime Coverage we offer Off-Season Anime Reviews, Manga Reviews and Light Novels. Off-Season Anime Reviews can include: Reviews for newly released Anime Films and Older TV Anime releases available for streaming or DVD. We provide Ongoing Manga Reviews for major Shonen Jump titles, as well as looks into the hidden gems and traps of Crunchyroll’s manga library.

Seasonal Coverage is broken up into three parts. At the beginning of every season we review near every premiere episode of the latest anime. Six weeks into the season we offer Mid Season Reviews for fifteen of the season’s anime and a Full Review at the end of the season’s 12 week run.


While the goal is to generate more objective reviews, we’re also aware that there is no such thing as a truly objective review. With that in mind our scoring system isn’t broken down into 1-10 or 5 Stars or anything like that. We believe that such a system only breeds the idea that there is a true metric and hierarchy of which anime are the best and which aren’t.

Understanding that every audience is unique, and different genres, and ideas speak to different people to varying degrees, we break shows down into: Recommended, Take it or Leave it and Not Recommended.

Recommended: Shows we award a Recommended offer engaging entertainment that feels worthwhile. This usually means the show offers either a myriad of generally well done content (engaging characters, a gripping plot, etc.) or has a few stand out elements that help to gloss over the less savory aspects.

Take it or Leave it: Shows awarded a Take it or Leave it ranking often are capable shows that adhere to tried and true formula, but lack elements that make them otherwise stand out. These shows are passable, but fail to feel gripping or like stand outs from the pack. They’re not bad, but hardly memorable or anything related to a ‘must watch.’

Not Recommended: Shows given a Not Recommended are lacking something of significance. They contain poorly realized elements for whatever genre they’re a part of, or perhaps characters that are more grating and frustrating than engaging. It’s possible shows here have some merit in certain elements, but overwhelmingly negative aspects that paint the entire show as irritating, frustrating, or even outright boring.

Meet Your Reviewers:

Linny About Us CropLinny: Linny’s love of anime started back when she was in High School out in her homeland of India. Despite Anime’s largely absent presence from the country, she was aided by the continued growth of the internet and streaming options for experiencing and growing her anime interests. She’s a huge fan of comedic and adventure anime, although she continues to wonder exactly what Tom sees in the Mecha genre.


Tom About us cropTom: Tom grew up watching anime before he even knew what it was. This included classics like Macross (known as Robotech), Voltron, and more. Throughout his early high school life Tom’s passion for anime and manga grew. Tom’s opinion doesn’t always match the general consensus for what makes a “top tier” anime, and he doesn’t believe that just because something is dark, deep, and brooding, means it’s automatically better than a lighter hearted affair. Tom’s favorite anime are often Mecha, or Seinen. He looks forward to helping people sift through the massive log of thirty+ shows a season and find something they’ll love and enjoy as much as he first did with Macross.