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Synopsis: Misaki Shirogane signs up to become a “heroine fighter” for her area – but everything changes when she has to save her town’s culture hall, a beloved structure that her grandfather helped build! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

And that was the end of girl in purple box costume.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is our resident moe anime for the season. We’ve got cute girls being adorable as they attempt to put on a Tokusatsu power rangers-esque show. The series also boasts some very vibrant and eye-catching colors, making it easy on the eyes.

Linny: The show starts off establishing its world of Tokusatsu style heroines who promote goods, and apparently even small towns. We also meet the adoring fans of a particular heroine named Kamidaio. It helps to gently explain what Tokusatsu is without too much blatant exposition and also injects some humour through the blatant advertising employed by the in story universe. As the episode moves on, we get hints about how the town our characters dwell in is in trouble, making it easy for viewers to guess where the story is going next. Unfortunately, I feel like the episode didn’t do the best job of really selling the dire situation and made it look like there was literally only one person who was truly affected by it.

What a refreshingly honest and sassy sign.

Tom: Akagi An and Kise Mikan, two middle school girls, one obsessed with the recent surge of heroine fighters/tokusatsu stars, are incredibly endearing due to their efforts to try and put on their own tokusatsu stage performance for Mikan’s little sister, bummed out that her favorite heroine won’t be attending a local show. The amount of effort these two put in, as well as how wrong things go, makes them incredibly likable. It’s hard not to cheer them on as they work their assess off to try and make the little kids happy with their amateur hour performance.

Linny: The segment that deals with An and Mikan’s efforts to put on a show is both comical and heartwarming. Watching the completely amateur effects and props will probably have you chuckling but seeing how hard these girls are trying all by themselves will have you cheering them on.

A sight you’d see in most anime collector’s rooms.

Tom: The only trouble is I have a hard time seeing how the series could remain quite so sweet. Ultimately the events of this episode are kind of one and done. The series instead seems intent on catapulting our heroines into the actual production and artistry of tokusatsu stage acting. It’s likely what was so charming here, and quite funny at times, isn’t really present in the rest of the series.

Linny: Fans of Love Live and its character Kotori Minami might do a double take the first time Mikan Kise comes onscreen as she has a lot of similar design elements. (Picture provided below in support of statement) But beyond her familiar looks, Mikan comes to life as an extremely caring and doting older sister who may suffer from stage fright and shyness but pushes through it all for the sake of the people she loves, in this case, her little sister. On the other hand, our other main character for the episode, An Akagi is an adorable fan girl who’s been obsessed with a particular character since a young age and whose dreams might be coming true. HOWEVER, the character described as the main character in HIDIVE’s official synopsis, Misake Shirogane, is more of as a supporting character thus far, included solely for driving through crucial plot points.

Kotori. is that you?

Tom: Overall I’m mixed on Action Heroine Cheer Fruits. The first half of the episode was a bit dull. Not bad, but certainly not strong enough for the moe aspect of its designs to swoop in and save the narrative with charming visuals. The second half soared, but far and away feels at odds with the synopsis’ supposed progression of the series. I think there’s little danger of Action Heroine Cheer Fruits being an outright bad show. But I also think it’s unlikely to be stellar.

Linny: Like Tom, Action Heroine Cheer Fruits did not win me over until its second half. As funny and adorable as that segment was, it seems very unlikely that the show can maintain that level of style or story, especially when compared to how bland the rest of the episode felt. That’s not to say this show is bad by but its hard to truly measure or predict if it will be able to maintain the cuteness in its second half. If you are a fan of all things moe, you could give Cheer Fruits a try. While it may not prove to be the best moe show ever by any means, it has enough heart to at least be a decent watch, especially if An and Mikan manage to remain as adorable as they were in the premiere.

“Take it or Leave it: Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is this summer’s moe anime, with enough charm to make this first episode stand out.”

“Take it or Leave it: Action Heroine Cheer Fruits has a heart-warmingly cute premiere but may struggle to maintain that vibe.”













Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is available for streaming via HIDIVE


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