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Synopsis: The entire population of a city disappeared—vanished without a trace. Yuki, the sole survivor, joins Takuya, a contract courier, on a perilous journey to find answers within the newly named ghost town “Lost”. With a letter from Yuki’s father as the pair’s only lead, a secretive organization refuses to let Yuki and Takuya’s meddling go unchecked. (Official Funimation Synopsis)

So low budget, they had to settle for a scooter instead of a flashy motorbike for the hero.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Right off the bat, it’s impossible to ignore how ugly, low budget and low effort AFTERLOST looks. It’s so prominent that even a pretty laid back and untrained eye like mine found it distracting, which says a LOT because I am usually someone who can give a pass to most animation. The backgrounds, characters, especially at the very start, look extremely basic and bare, making for a poor beginning.

Tom: Rampant with low detail, muddied character models, and frequent, jarring CGI usage, AFTERLOST doesn’t get any better underneath the hood. Beneath the lackluster presentation is a bevy of hamfisted, forced exposition. Little work has gone into trying to make characters speak naturally, and introduce information required to understand the story in an earnest and believable way. Even worse is the fact that each and every character presented is dull, with little true characterization to make them shine beyond their story-given roles. What’s presented in AFTERLOST is a literal slog to sit through.

Linny: AFTERLOST’s first episode rushes through its emotional beats, making our female protagonist, Yuki go from being so scared and depressed that she’s trying to run away from Takuya, our male lead and her courier/guardian, to suddenly being super inspired thanks to Takuya offering a handful of cliched, motivational declarations. This happens solely so the episode can then get them out of a sticky situation, but needed deeper exposition and character work to make this connection feel truly poignant rather than a cross between a hail Mary and a deus ex machina. It probably won’t surprised most of you to hear that AFTERLOST is actually promotional content made for the launch of an upcoming mobile game. Such products are often, if not always, poorly executed. It’s basically an elongated ad, a type of anime known for giving audiences poorly written, poorly animated and poorly executed stories all in the hopes of nabbing up your cash should any of this, somehow, impress you.

When you’re evil but you also love to strike a pose.

Tom: AFTERLOST is an outright mess. As if none of the above was bad enough, the very atmosphere of the show never comes together. It almost feels like everything happen on the screens occurs at random, rather than culminating in a well told, engaging story. It’s promotional schlock through and through, without an ounce of true effort put in.

Linny: If I had to say something positive about AFTERLOST, it would be that the ending for its first episode is pretty solid. Not only do we end on a cliffhanger but we also get a big reveal that changes the viewer’s perception of the evil organization tailing Yuki. If one were to overlook the ugly art and ignore the fact that these promotional ad like shows usually end up being utter trash, one might feel some sort of interest to continue. However, those very two factors are such big cons that it’s hard for me to recommend this series as the chances of it devolving even further are far too high to be ignored.

Not Recommended: AFTERLOST is a mess, suffering poor animation, uninspired writing, and jarring CGI all in the name of promoting the mobile game of the same name.

Not Recommended: Ugly art and its true status as promotional material for an upcoming mobile game doom AFTERLOST to be an outright disappointment.













AFTERLOST is available for streaming via Funimation.

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