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Synopsis: She is Hanabatake Yoshiko, and she’s an idiot through and through. She loves bananas, and she loves her childhood friend Akkun. That is all! Summer 2017, Aho Girl gets its long-awaited anime! Watching it will surely cheer you up, probably? (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

A pervert’s dream come true.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Ever so often, a short form show comes along that has you laughing till you’re tearing up. Aho Girl may be summer’s short form champion that does exactly that. The humour is loud, silly and tons of fun. It’s partly thanks to how well its cast’s personalities pop. From Yoshiko, our main girl whose idiotic ways are expressed through some rather interesting dialogue and actions to Sayaka Sumino, one of Yoshiko’s kindhearted classmates, whose kindness could cause all sorts of heartache and humiliation.

Tom: Yoshiko Hanabtake is hilarious in her sheer stupidity, yet manages to generate multiple avenues of humor, something so many lesser comedy anime lack. We get jokes on her obsession with bananas, her innate idiocy and her attraction to her best friend, A-kun. Thanks to this ability to vary things up jokes are constantly flying at the audience, alternating between the shows multiple avenues of humor. While it does eventually delve into ‘sexual assault’ humor territory, when Yoshiko gropes another girl, and becomes “your mileage may vary,” it’s otherwise a hilarious success that should find something to make you crack a smile.

Linny: Aho-Girl’s premiere episode is split into bite sized skits, usually interactions between just Yoshiko and A-kun, but throws in a third character ever so often. In this episode alone we’re introduced to 3 other characters. Despite this, Aho-Girl does a good job of not making itself feel too crowded. Each segment is neatly self contained and lasts long enough for us to get a feel for each new character. Be aware that Aho-Girl’s jokes are loud and dumb for the most part. So if you like refined comedy, this show simply won’t please you.

When even your mother can no longer deny the truth about you.

Tom: One thing I love is the character of A-kun. He’s the series straight-man, often put upon by Yoshiko’s antics. Yet A-kun isn’t your typical, average guy. He has anger and violence issues, displaying a discernible personality that falls outside the usual exasperated average guy.

Linny: A-kun is definitely what makes the show stand out. And for those who often yearn for the dumb protagonist to get a knock on the head for their idiotic behaviour, A-kun is here to satisfy your wishes. It’s hilarious to watch just how brutally, honest and matter of fact A-kun is regarding Yoshiko’s idiot ways. And unlike other shows that have childhood friend protagonists, episode 1 hasn’t made the slightest hint that A-kun has romantic feelings for her, even straight up turning down Yoshiko’s mother’s request that he marry the dumb girl rather than turning into a blushing mess. However, this is anime and it is a super popular trope so I wouldn’t completely dismiss the possibility just yet.

I’m ‘sure’ that excuse will totally work.

Tom: Aho-Girl is a real surprise this season. It’s comedy is varied, flies with one joke after another and had me wishing it was longer than just the 12 minutes. While the sexual assault gag at the end is likely to be divisive, everything else is pure spot on and a must try for anyone struggling to find Summer anime to enjoy.

Linny: If you’ve been looking for a loud and silly comedy, Aho-Girl is already hands down one of the best comedic premieres of its season. The jokes come flying at you nonstop and will genuinely impress you with how creative the show is at highlighting and working off its idiotic female protagonist, making it a must try for comedy lovers.

“Recommended: Aho-Girl boasts two wonderful leads, a crazy, manic idiot and her tested to the limit straight-man.”

“Recommended: Aho-Girl fully and innovatively utilizes its idiot lead and her frustrated best friend to delivers non stop gags that will have comedy lovers in stitches.”












Aho-Girl is available for streaming via Crunchyroll

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