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Aho-Girl – Anime Review

Synopsis: She is Hanabatake Yoshiko, and she’s an idiot through and through. She loves bananas, and she loves her childhood friend Akkun. That is all! Summer 2017, Aho Girl gets its long-awaited anime! Watching it will surely cheer you up, probably? (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

It’s all about memories and mammaries.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Aho-Girl is the Summer’s craziest comedy, backed up by animation that just won’t quit. It’s solid fluidity and quality elevates the sheer insanity of Yoshiko’s idiocy or even Akkun’s bubbling rage at having to deal with her. It makes the whole thing pop and remain a pleasure to watch.

Linny: The jokes in Aho Girl are based upon the stupidity of its cast, used to shock and amuse the audience with how the characters react to different situations in the most idiotic ways. Sometimes it’s about introducing a random element and turning it into something even more strange and unusual, like a giant dog that can do everything from taking down bank robbers to outrunning a bike at full speed. This kind of wtf and shock value humour can be hard to maintain. While Aho Girl keeps it up better than most, once you start to expect and predict the stupid reaction and punchline, a lot of the gags lose their intended impact.

It’s too late. She’s clearly lost her calm already.

Tom: It’s true that Aho-Girl eventually loses its edge, and the shock value of its humor depreciates once it’s no longer able to take you by surprise. It’s a YMMV element, but one likely to take effect a little over half way through the series. It doesn’t completely ruin Aho-Girl, but it is a substantial hit to its ability to make you laugh out loud. That said, the series manages to catch audiences off guard one last time in its finale, with a wonderfully revealing episode showcasing how Akkun and Yoshiko first came to meet and how their current dynamic came to develop.

Linny: For a show that consists of such crazy and nonsensical characters, the finale episode is indeed a rather nice wrap up to the series. Not only is it fun to see how the story of Yoshiko and Akkun began but we also get an explanation for some of the more bizarre behaviour of our characters, making it a really enjoyable origin story.

The perfect solution to people who won’t shut up at the movies.

Tom: Yoshiko is outright the series’ star attraction, from her obsession with bananas to the sheer confidence and pride in her idiocy. She’s what makes the show and ultimately what sends it out on one hell of a high note. But there’s plenty of other characters to add variety to the series. From Fuuki Iinchou, the school committee president with an unhealthy obsession for Akkun, to Yoshiko’s own mother, Yoshie, a crazed middle aged woman who plans to live comfortably by marrying her useless daughter to the studious Akkun, and more. The series does feature one heavily underutilized character, but otherwise finds plenty of opportunity to exploit the humor introduced with the rest of the cast.

Linny: Aho-Girl’s characters definitely bring a lot of variety to the comedy and even a degree of tragedy through one in particular named Ruri, Akkun’s little sister. For a show that’s often focused on making you laugh,  you can’t help but feel for this girl who is revealed as a diligent student who works hard but always fails every test, proving herself to be a bonafide idiot who deserves so much better. Of course, as the show continues, her character becomes more laidback and goofy so it’s clear Aho-Girl doesn’t mean for her to be only a tragic and realistic character.

Tom: Perhaps elevating things just a tad bit more, is Yoshiko’s voice actress, Yuuki Aoi, who sells the manic idiocy and insanity of Yoshiko with an incredibly hyper, balls to the wall performance. Should Aho-Girl ever receive a dub the English voice actress cast has some incredibly big shoes to fill.

I don’t know how he feels but you can easily tell what the other girl’s thinking.

Linny: Aho-Girl would be a good fit for anyone who enjoys extremely goofy and frantically energetic humour but also doesn’t mind when the jokes are often on the perverted side. And by perverted, I don’t mean they’re fan service pretending to be comedy but rather absurd gags like a fight to de-pants someone to keep them from flirting with someone else. Do keep in mind that once you get used to the shock factor, the show starts to lose a bit of its punch but still manages to plow through and wrap things up with a finale that’s bound to leave most anime comedy fans feeling satisfied and amused.

Tom: Aho-Girl was a stand out for this season, but my earlier suggestion that it was AOTY quality doesn’t quite hold water as the show gradually becomes common place once you’re used to its insanity. Still, it’s a stellar comedy, perfect for people seeking something insane, stupid, and yet clever beneath all that. It’s a must watch for fans of anime comedies.

“Recommended: Aho-Girl opens with a bang and goes out on a high, making it one of the greatest stand outs from this season.”

“Recommended: Aho-Girl will have comedy fans laughing out loud with its ludicrous cast and humor that utilizes stupidity and shock value to entertain.”














Aho-Girl is available for streaming via Crunchyroll

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