Aho-Girl – Mid Season Anime Review

Synopsis: She is Hanabatake Yoshiko, and she’s an idiot through and through. She loves bananas, and she loves her childhood friend Akkun. That is all! Summer 2017, Aho Girl gets its long-awaited anime! Watching it will surely cheer you up, probably? (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

If you think that’s how it works, it may already be too late for you.

Mid Season (6 Episodes) Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Aho-Girl remains one of the strongest anime this season, thanks in part to its massively idiotic lead, Hanabatake Yoshiko. The show nails the execution of her resounding incompetence and passion for it, while also surrounding her with a plethora of other characters to provide the series with much needed variety. From Akkun, Yoshiko’s straight man, yet violent love interest, to his not so secret stalker, the head of the school’s disciplinary committee, Fuuki Iinchou. There’s also one of the series’ best characters, Yoshiko’s mom Yoshie, who’s attempts to force Akkun and Yoshiko together, hoping to use Akkun’s brilliance and likely success in life as a way to secure her future financially, make for highlights of the series.

Linny: Akkun is a great straight man in that he is extremely practical and proactive, rather than just someone stuck facing the consequences of his idiotic friend’s actions. He often resorts to doling out physical retribution to Yoshiko for her stupidity, something that will feel justified as you get a true taste of just how frustratingly idiotic she can be. That’s not to say the show has no helpless straight man cliche as that role is allotted to a female classmate of theirs by the name of Sayaka Sumino, but thankfully, the other characters are such a hoot that it keeps the show from ever feeling too stale or predictable.

Best friends protect each other from lewd people.

Tom: Aho-Girl’s comedy is predicated on idiotic misunderstandings, insistence on completing tasks in exceedingly dumb ways, physical violence and sexual humor. While Aho-Girl can be wildly funny, it’s very much a show not afraid to wade into avenues of humor likely to turn some away. It’s sexual gags can border on the offensive, even if they avoid the overtly sexual territory that My First Girlfriend is a Gal is so happy to rub all over itself.

Linny: Aho Girl is perfect for those who enjoy comedies that push the boundaries of how stupid its character can be. There are no smart jokes here, nor any attempts to make our idiotic girl, Yoshiko have any appeal sexual or otherwise. It’s through and through a display of how shockingly dense and cumbersome Yoshiko can be to the lives of the people she encounters and befriends. Each episode is divided into mini segments, a clear result of its 4koma origins but the segments connect well and make for a coherent story each time. However, as the dialogue and gag delivery in this show can be rather hectic, it might make some viewers feel like the episode is zooming past them to the point of potentially hampering their enjoyment.

Tom: Rounding out the appeal is hyper and fast paced animation that kicks into gear when the series needs its gags to possess a manic quality. There’s also a hilarious opening sequence, with generally more subdued gags and a song that begs to be translated. The English gives away how entirely wacky the song is and it remains a shame that Crunchyroll has put no effort into translating it.

It must hurt a little when your mother is this frank about your limited appeal.

Linny: If you’re a fan of ridiculous and idiotic comedies, look no further. Aho Girl takes the crown for being not only hilarious and over the top but also for managing to make its female protagonist come off as a true and complete idiot through and through. There are a few sexually themed gags ever so often, but they’re played for such comedic effect that it’s hard to ever consider it titillating or offensive for anyone but the more innocent or chaste. With its non stop parade of absurd humour and great supporting cast, Aho Girl is sure to have fans of the genre in stitches.

Tom: Overall Aho-Girl, while perhaps dipping its toes into a few offensive avenues of comedy, remains a stand out for the season. It offers fast paced and varied hilarity in bit-sized sub-ten minute chunks. Fans of absurd, manic humor best not miss this gem. If it can keep up the pace in the back half of the season I might even say it’s a contender for AOTY.


“Recommended: Aho-Girl brings the laughs to an otherwise struggling season, offering incredible, non-stop hilarity.”

“Recommended: Aho-Girl is a great choice for anyone seeking an absurd comedy with its tale of an idiotic girl and the poor people who get dragged into her idiotism.”













Aho-Girl is available for streaming via Crunchyroll

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