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Aizawa-san Multiplies Chapters 1-4 Review

Aizawa-san Multiplies:

Chapters 1-4

Reviewed by: Linny


Every teenage boy’s fantasy come true.

Synopsis:  Shino Aizawa is the class beauty, admired by all and unattainable to all..or so thought her classmate, Souta Mizutani until he finds himself being confessed to by her after class. And then by another Shino, and another, and another. Is this the beginning of Souta’s harem heaven or harem hell?

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

At first glance, Aizawa-san Multiplies sounds like another harem story, and to some degree, it does feel like one as we have a small group of girls fawning over our protagonist, Souta. Each girl has a unique and different personality, but the catch is that they are technically all the same girl…just different facets of her.  We have the ‘original’ Shino, and then her ambitious side/clone, her bashful side, and the most fun part of her and the story, her perverted side.

The story starts with the original proposal, and the reveal and surprises that follow as Souta tries to accept the fact that not only was he just proposed to by the class idol, but by four of her. It’s a nice little twist, one that has rarely ever been the main theme of a romantic comedy, to have four exact physical copies romancing a single person. We even get an explanation of sorts as to how and why there are four Shinos. There’s a chance that the harem feeling might put some readers off, but there’s the classic perverted character to inject a lot of laughs for those who like that kind of humour.


Not only perverted, but proud of it.

Souta struggles with all this sudden attention and hesitates to accept their declaration of love, but seeing her struggle and finding out just how determined Shino is, he changes his mind and we end the second chapter with him asking her out right back. This proposal isn’t exactly surprising and probably something that all readers would have seen even before it happened.So far, the story is best enjoyed by fans of lewd girls and lewd lines played for humour.

It is in chapter three that we get to see Shino in the spotlight, excelling not only in the classroom but at sports, and earning the admiring glances and compliments of her male and female classmates. It all feels a little unnecessary and also annoying as most anime and manga fans are all too familiar with the heroine being worshiped at school. There have also been stories where the super popular and vain/cold class beauty is actually secretly aggressively wooing the male protagonist. But the story manages to maintain some sense of novelty thanks to the whole multiple copy angle.And then all the stress of the previous day and the shock of the proposal finally gets too much for Souta and he faints, which leads to some innuendo heavy fun in the nurse’s room for our new couple. Once again, antics in the secluded nurse’s room aren’t new but Aizawa-san manages to pack in a sweet little surprise.


When you try to sound seductive for the first time.

Things go from awkward to chaotic as the three extra Shinos keep interrupting Souta’s attempts to maintain a ‘normal’ dating relationship with the original. The lack of actual names to help differentiate and refer to the three clones leads to the need for new names. And so we end the fourth chapter with the new clones named, and everyone in a state of bliss. The naming of the clones is an amusing process but it won’t have you in stitches.If anything, it feels more sweet than comedic.


Aizawa’s ‘clone’ laying down the case for harems…but thankfully, our hero is above all that.

Aizawa-san Multiplies is a laid back comedy. A bit like its reserved female protagonist, the jokes and romance in the book are a bit restrained as well. The most outgoing and energetic personality is obviously the perverted clone, and her lines are going to be the ones that grab your attention. What’s also noteworthy about Aizawa-san is that it is a harem that has the potential to win over even those who dislike harem. Especially if the reason they dislike harem stories is having an indecisive male protagonist struggling between several women who worship him for no real reason. So far, Aizawa-san has that flaw in that we still do not know exactly why Shino like Souta so much, but its just her alone who is vying for his affections. She isn’t even vying for his attention either, as he does readily accept her as his girlfriend but the inclusion of her different personalities makes for good gags as they interact with, and hinder him, her and their entire relationship.

Clones are people too, not bladder leakages.

Clones are people, not bladder leaks.

For those looking for a slow romantic comedy, Aizawa-san Multiplies provides outrageous one liners and awkward teenage dating. For those who fear that it is just another harem parade, there isn’t really much of that besides the fact that as of Chapter 4, we still don’t know exactly why Shino is so hung up on Souta and that yes, technically, Souta is being romanced by four people. It isn’t exactly a must read, but it definitely has enough quirk to entertain anyone in the mood for light romance and chuckles. And it might be one of the few ‘harem’ labelled manga to appeal even to harem non-fans.

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