Aizawa-san Multiplies Chapters 5-8 Review Discussion

Aizawa-san Multiplies

Chapters 5-8

Reviewed by: Linny

The perils of having a secret.

Like a manga?? You’re IN A MANGA!

Synopsis: Shino Aizawa is the class beauty, admired by all and unattainable to all..or so thought her classmate, Souta Mizutani until he finds himself being confessed to by her after class. And then by another Shino, and another, and another. Is this the beginning of Souta’s harem heaven or harem hell?

Chapter Synopsis (Spoilers Warning): Matters go from bad to worse as an attempt to figure out the multiplication of Shino only leads to the creation of more clones and their worst fears come true as their secret is discovered by a third party. Realizing that matters are getting out of hand, Shino is coerced into finally telling her family the truth about her new condition which leads to some interesting results.

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

Kicking off our new chapter is a return to not only the spot where Shino apparently created her clones unintentionally, but the creation of a new clone that is sure to make moe and loli fans squeal with delight. The new clone hikes up the cuteness factor, and while it doesn’t add much to the story, it seems aimed at making its readers have one more ‘type’ of Shino to choose from as their favourite, in case none of the others had really won them over. It also seems like Aizawa-san is using its clones to reunite its readers with familiar archetypes to balance out the more unusual tones of the rest of its story.


Do not fear, pervy Shino remains pervy as ever.

It might be a little disappointing for those readers who were excited at the prospect of receiving some exciting news when Shino and Souta went back to where it all started as not only do you get any answers or hints, you actually receive another new clone. Considering it’s only the fifth chapter, and how the series has been more about the comedy, it’s not that surprising that it was all a red herring. Having an entire chapter then dedicated to seeing the new arrival interact with literally every single member of the cast made for a good way to thoroughly familiarize the readers with the new clone and also set up the social dynamic between everyone.


I don’t know about you but I’ve never found a bratty thing cute.

The suspense and excitement explodes across Chapters 7 and 8 as Souta and Shino’s secret is revealed to and stumbled upon by new people who have a strong connection to our lead characters. First we have Ozeki who is Souta’s friend, and without ruining much, I think it’s fair to say that her interactions with everyone was a fun read, one that’s sure to entertain other readers as well. The comedy sways from inappropriate to silly making it the best part of these chapters. Ozeki seems like a promising character and one I’m hoping will feature regularly and heavily in upcoming chapters.

Oh Ozeki, I barely know you but I already love you.

Oh Ozeki, I barely know you but I already love you.

What was also noteworthy about the chapter was that it finally addressed exactly how Shino is realistically handling and juggling having three clones. We learn about her bizarre eating habits and how it helps her hide her secret. As it has such an unrealistic premise, it feels nice when the story tries to deal with the implications of its premise in a somewhat practical manner. Of course, fiction has the freedom to be as crazy as it wants, but seeing fiction handle realism can also be an enjoyable read in and of itself. However, Aizawa-san uses this as another avenue for comedy, proving once again, that comedy is its strong point and its sole point. It tackles the issue of Shino’s parents, which is something that most manga tend to explain away in a single sentence. Not only do we get an explanation of how Shino is hiding her secret from them but we actually get to meet and spend an entire chapter with her mother. Aizawa-san still suffers from missing parent syndrome by claiming that her father is away on business and there’s a strong suspicion after reading the chapter that her mother might be relegated to occasional comic relief. Furthermore, her mother’s reaction to the news isn’t all that surprising considering how silly the story has been so far, though some readers might still be surprised with how it all plays out.

If you’re on the lookout for a series that doesn’t require much thinking or logic, and just want a playful and flirtatious read, Aizawa-san remains a top contender. Its humour and characters are still going strong and even with the addition of new characters, the quality seems to only be improving for now. Here’s to hoping that it stays strong as we head on to the rest. However, if you dislike any heavy innuendos or having a sexually aggressive character spouting some very sexual lines, Aizawa-san might not be for you. It’s never brazenly vulgar, playing it for laughs rather than for titillation and I, personally, have never balked at what i read even once so far. But if you hate any sexual connotations or humour, its best that you give this one a skip. On the other hand, if you were thinking of avoiding this solely based on its harem tag, this is one of the most non-harem harem story I’ve read and loved so far even up to now..and trust me, I’m pretty sick of them so if I enjoy a harem, you can be assured it’s either a very tame harem or is barely one.




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