Ajin: Anime/Manga Comparison – Season 2 Episode 3

Ajin – Anime to Manga Comparison Season 2:

Episode 3/Chapter 26

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With Season 2 of Ajin’s Anime, the story has wrapped up, culminating in a thrilling conclusion most viewers seem to be quite happy with. But that’s not how the manga ends at all. In fact, the manga still seems to have a ways to go! Welcome to the Ajin Anime to Manga Comparison Second Season. Here we’ll compare each episode of Ajin’s 2nd season alongside the corresponding Manga chapters, detailing the differences and gradual significant divergence from the source material all in an effort to try and see which did the story better justice. Let’s dive in.

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Ajin Season 2 Episode 3/Chapter 26:

Episode 3 is perhaps one of the more faithful episodes in this second season. There’s still a plethora of changes, but there are large sections that could also be considered near one for one adaptations. Both the manga and the anime open with the same scene of Nagai talking with Dr. Ogura outside. The anime makes some changes to the scene’s dialogue to better reflect his growing inability to control his Ghost, which didn’t happen in the manga. Otherwise their conversation is exceedingly similar.

The manga moves onto Tosaki discussing with the others on their preparation for protecting the two targets from Satou’s list they’ll be in charge of. The anime contains a similar scene, but with significant differences. In the anime Tosaki is still selecting their target and ultimately settles on the Minister of Health, rather than the Forge Safety head and secretary from the Manga. The anime realigns with the manga as Kou tries to protest Shimomura’s involvement, solidifying him in both the anime and the manga as commentary on classic anime, typically shonen, type heroes and the sexism involved. The scene goes on a little longer in the anime as Kou is used for additional comedy.

Chivalrous or Sexist? You decide!

Breaking away from the manga, the anime snaps to Satou and his gang as they attempt to hunt down Dr. Kishi, who’s gone into hiding. This scene isn’t in the manga, although Satou does ultimately kill the Dr. Kishi character, just there’s no question of locating him.

The anime continues by snapping over to Dr. Kishi’s mountain villa, which the police have surrounded in their effort to protect him. Satou slaughters Dr. Kishi and some of the police. When the rest of the force shows up they spot Satou’s Ghost and the anime displays its creepy, gaping mouth, for the first time.

All the better to eat you with, my dear!

Realigning with the manga again, the anime moves onto some Ajin exposition, explaining the mechanics of the Black Ghost, particularly how memories are shared. The anime cuts the practical Ajin training and instead throws in a brief mention of Dr. Kishi’s murder, which hasn’t yet happened in the manga. The anime also includes note that Nagai is neglecting his IBM training, another point in Nagai’s character arc for this episode. We swap over to the gun training, which is pretty similar to the manga’s own sequence, although again Kou gets additional screen time for comedic purposes.

In both the anime and manga Nagai then bumps into the mercenary, Manabe, who doesn’t seem to trust him. Both media then move onto Nagai’s forest conversation with Hirasawa. Both these scenes are near identical, although the anime Hirasawa conversation carries a bit more weight due to the issues Nagai is facing.

Snapping back to the planning preparation both scenes play largely the same. This is followed by Kou asking Nagai to help him find a quick and easy way to off himself over and over in an effort to manifest his Black Ghost as per Dr. Ogura’s suggestions. This sequence is largely a one for one adaptation.

Opposite day is back on apparently.

The anime diverges however as Nagai wanders off to another part of the woods to confront his own Black Ghost. This scene, absent from the manga, acts as a culmination and conclusion to Anime Nagai’s struggle to maintain control over his Ghost. Similar themes are explored later on in the manga, but it’ll be some time before we get to discussing what the manga offers in terms of Nagai’s development.

The anime moves onto a late night chat between Tosaki and Nagai, one largely for the purposes of furthering their shaky relationship and informing us of what’s become of Nagai’s one true friend, Kei. There’s a similar scene later on in Chapter 29 of the manga, although it plays very different, with Nagai outright lying to Tosaki about having a secret operative he’s working with to ensure his safety. The manga keeps Tosaki and Nagai’s relationship far more adversarial than here.

Why can’t be we friends? Why can’t we be friends?

Finally the anime pulls a brief chunk of Chapter 28’s content forward to show us Kei, in Juvenile, as he meets another new character who’ll become important later on. The anime skips a couple flashback chapters for Shimomura, although we’ll talk about those when the anime gets to its, rather condensed, version of events.

Overall I think the improvement here is minor. The anime includes a bunch of character development for Nagai, but the manga has similar development in store for him later on down the road. The changes the anime makes otherwise are largely superficial, although they do find a way to give Satou some screen time, where as the manga basically abandons him for a wealth of upcoming chapters.

Please let me know your thoughts on Ajin’s second season and how it compares to the manga in the comments below!

Ajin‘s anime is available for streaming via Netflix and the manga can be read at Crunchyroll.

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