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Ajin – Anime to Manga Comparison Season 2:

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With Season 2 of Ajin’s Anime, the story has wrapped up, culminating in a thrilling conclusion most viewers seem to be quite happy with. But that’s not how the manga ends at all. In fact, the manga still seems to have a ways to go! Welcome to the Ajin Anime to Manga Comparison Second Season. Here we’ll compare each episode of Ajin’s 2nd season alongside the corresponding Manga chapters, detailing the differences and gradual significant divergence from the source material all in an effort to try and see which did the story better justice. Let’s dive in.

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Ajin Season 2 Episode 7/Chapters ??:

Today’s going to be a short comparison because this episode actually contains very little content that’s comparative to the manga. At best there’s a handful of sequences that tie into similar events. So let’s dive in.

The episode opens with the minister arriving for his meeting, a riff on the same meeting presented in the manga. Here Satou and Tanaka crash the meeting, where as in the manga Satou had opted out, due to boredom.

Yes please! <- Satou Fanboy

The anime then returns to Nagai and Co. attempting to save Tosaki. Again all this is anime only. Nagai’s IBM forces the Americans to change directions away from the embassy, allowing Nagai and the others to surround and corner them. Shimomura confronts the American Agents and eventually gets the upper hand, smashing through the American woman’s IBM and crossing memories again. The anime tries to make something of Shimomura meeting another woman in a similar situation as she is, but never really expands enough on this plot end to make it truly feel weighty. In fact things end with Douglas dead, at the hands of his Ajin Partner, who in turn runs off and disappears. Assuming there’s never a season 3 her story abruptly ends here with her disappearance. The anime even acknowledges this later on. It’s unfortunate, as I feel like this character could’ve gotten more use, but without a follow up season this plot line feels not entirely resolved/properly serviced.

Tosaki wakes in the car ride back to the hideout. He learns that Shimomura put him first before protecting the minister and he gets incredibly mad. Again, Anime only as the minister was never a target in the manga. Instead it was Tosaki that Satou wanted to kill.

When Tosaki calls Sokabe we flashback to what happened at the meeting when Satou attacked. It plays out considerably different from the manga, with the minister attempting to escape but is ambushed by Satou. The Minister agrees to Satou’s demands but Satou kills him anyway. Tanaka is flabbergasted at Satou’s actions, which mirrors some later disillusionment Tanaka has in the manga concerning Satou’s efforts.

Oh my god, like, me too!

Back at the hideout Tosaki and Co. are depressed and unsure of how to proceed now that the minister is dead. This sequence includes the anime attempting to wrap up the American plot line with Nagai sending the American’s fake e-mails to try and curtail their investigation. The manga never really explores this avenue, at least not yet, so there’s nothing to compare the way the anime resolves things with.

Satou uploads another announcement, video of him killing the minister. He announces that there’s just one target left. He gives the exact date and time of his upcoming attack, giving Nagai and the rest a chance to fight back. In the manga a similar battle will take place, although the two targets Satou is after in the manga have already been killed in the anime. Instead the anime produces a new target, not from the manga, but has the confrontation take place at the same building, or at least a building that closely resembles the manga’s version of events. Other differences, that we’ll get more into next time, include the way in which these events unfold and who our players are, as Satou is decidedly absent from the next attack in the manga, growing increasingly board of his game and the lack of escalation, a problem Anime Satou isn’t suffering from.

The company head makes a statement that he won’t back down and is seeking the best security. The government announces a counter Ajin task force, the Anti-Ajin special forces. This group, which has been mentioned in the manga, hasn’t yet made an appearance. The episode ends with everyone agreeing this is their one big chance to stop Satou.

Overall I think the anime does a decent job of wrapping up its anime only plot line. It’s not perfect and that becomes a running problem with Ajin’s Second Season. The further it diverges from adapting manga material the less tight things feel. It’s not to say the anime gets bad, I actually think it remains fairly strong, but not nearly as solid as when it’s adjusting material from the manga rather than generating its own.

Please let me know your thoughts on Ajin’s second season and how it compares to the manga in the comments below!

Ajin‘s anime is available for streaming via Netflix and the manga can be read at Crunchyroll.

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