Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor – Preview

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor:

Original Air Dates: April 4th, 2017 – ???

It’s hard to pull of the bishonen pose with a frog leaping out of your mouth.

Synopsis: Sistine is a young woman enrolled at the magical academy, hoping to hone her skills in the magical arts and solve the mystery of the enigmatic Sky Castle hanging far above the city. But when her favorite instructor retires she discovers his replacement, one Glenn Radars, is a tardy, lazy, entirely incompetent bastard of an instructor. Sistine wonders just how it is such a person could possibly be hand-picked by the best magician in the academy! Is there perhaps more to Glenn than meets the eye?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The first few minutes of Akashic Records comes off a bit boring and chaotic as it sets up the introduction to our main characters and their first encounter with each other. The jokes are a little tired and you might find yourself struggling to care but thankfully, once we delve into the classroom, the humour is kicked up several notches, which is this fantasy/action/adventure’s saving grace. Yes, the jokes might feel a bit cliche to viewers but Akashic Records manages to make them feel fresh by introducing a few twists or through the sheer power of animation and voice acting. Heck, even the post credit preview for the next episode manages to pack in some extremely solid and dare I say, original gags.

Not exactly aiming to be teacher of the year, are we?

Tom: Akashic Records is pretty generic as anime go. At first glance it offers little beyond the classic light novel magical school set up, with plenty of all too common cliches. Weathered viewers will initially feel like they’ve seen this anime before, and may very well have, as Akashic Records retreads plenty of familiar ground through scenes that are all too similar to the plethora of other, samey light novel adaptations that riddle the seasonal landscape. That said, Akashic Records manages to set itself apart thanks to Glenn, an incredibly fun and quirky lead that injects a lot of charm and humor into what is otherwise an insanely tired premise.

Linny: Glenn Radars, our protagonist is a lovable lazy ass. He shirks his responsibilities as much as possible and has no qualms begging his female friend to let him be a kept man. He might remind viewers of Kazuma from Konosuba, both of them being lovable pieces of scum who have low to no morals and are willing to do whatever it takes to cover their own asses with as little effort as possible. Glenn is lovably shameless and sure to be the reason you end up loving this show.

Tom: Glenn is easily the series greatest pull. His laid back, overconfident, idiotic attitude adds a lot to the premiere, turning it from a tired retread of common ideas into an entertaining twenty-two minutes. The other lead, Sistine, makes a decent foil to Glenn’s frustratingly amusing behavior, although she’s hardly all that interesting by herself.

Heights of laziness.

Linny: For now, all the other characters exist to add to Glenn’s character and story. From Sistine, who exists to belittle and confront Glenn’s incompetent attitude to teaching, to Celica who is the reason Glenn was forced to take up the teaching post in the first place. Not that they’re shown to be without personality, it’s just that for this episode, everything revolves around Glenn.

Tom: One distracting element to the series is the character designs. Namely, the clothing the female students are wearing. In an attempt to provide near constant background fan service all the girls where a midriff baring school uniform that, well, just feels odd and out of place. But the show keeps it in the background and, assuming it doesn’t offer up the explanation that’s apparently given in both the Light Novel and its manga, it should be little more than an odd visual quirk.

Linny: The show does win points for not harping on the girls exposed midriff with camera angles that seem to caress their curves…that is until we get a locker room scene and are treated to Sistine groping her friend, Rumia’s breasts with wild abandon while bemoaning her own lack of tits. It’s all done with a more comedic than lecherous tone but will irk more sensitive viewers all the same.

Maybe if you held his hand like you are holding hers, he’d be won over.

Tom: Akashic Records is hardly anything new. It treads a lot of familiar ground with a premise so tired you’re left pleading with the industry to just let it die. But Akashic manages to revive some life into this undead husk with a lead character that adds so much vigor and comedy I’m actually a bit excited to see what’ll come next. There is always the chance, however that the series will dive down a hole of predictably and mediocrity again that Glenn can’t possibly hope to save us from.

Linny: If you are absolutely and completely tired of all the tropes and cliches that are present in Akashic Records, you might not find any of it even the least bit amusing. But thanks to the amount of energy and effort put into making Glenn Radars one of the most lazy and lovably despicable leads around, Akashic Records could still earn itself a decent fan base provided it can keep pulling off solid jokes. To put it in a more simple form, do you like Konosuba and Kazuma? Then you might like Akashic Records and Glenn Radars.

“Recommended: Despite a tired, overused setting and premise, Akashic Records manages to be surprisingly entertaining thanks to a hilariously quirky lead.”

“Recommended: Akashic Records may suffer from generic jokes and cliche premise, but its protagonist could still win over fans of lovably lazy leads.”










Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com

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