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Akiba’s Trip The Animation:

Original Air Dates: January 4th, 2017 – ???

That’s no way to introduce your protagonists.

Synopsis: Tamotsu Denkigai is a pretty big Otaku. His tastes clash with the mainstream and he has a deep interest in less popular franchises. On a trip to find a rare action figure in Akihabara, he stumbles upon Mayoka, a red headed girl with a baseball bat that’s running around stripping everyone she comes into combat with. Tamotsu finds his life turned upside down when he defends Mayoka against a rapid group of super powered individuals known as “Bugged Ones.” As he’s mortally wounded saving Mayoka, she imbues him with the same power to fight back and thus begins Tamotsu’s epic battle to save Akihabara from a secret menace.

1st Episode Preview (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: The first thing you’ll notice about Akiba’s Trip is its exceedingly colorful and free-form animation, allowing for more exaggerated features during action heavy segments, keeping the flow and frame rate high without having to tightly conform to the characters designs. It keeps the show feeling light and fun, plus its coupled with a few anime references scattered throughout the background and foreground of the show. For example, a mascot doll and a character’s statue from the anime, “Seiyuu’s Life” appear at one point during a fight scene.

Linny: For those of you who like their shows bright and colorful, Akiba’s Trip is very eye catching and vibrant. All the colours and high frame rate make the characters and animation feel very dynamic and energetic, getting you pumped for all the action onscreen.

Rarity does not equal good taste.

Tom: When it comes to the characters, Akiba’s Trip isn’t any more original than its source material, offering up a smattering of characters that are closely tied to tried and true familiar archetypes, rarely showcasing traits that make them feel more unique. But I’ll let Linny go into a little more depth on each of them.

Linny: Arisa, or Moimoi as she calls herself, is a character that immediately made me grimace. She is a typical generic and trope ridden anime character from her very appearance to her irritating voice. She’s big breasted, surprisingly agile and fit despite her prominent gazongas, talks in a babyish voice and refers to herself in the third person (although the dub removes this particularly annoying quirk.) She comes off sounding air headed and to top it all off, she’s blonde so there’s the cherry on top. Our lead doesn’t fare too much better. While he does show some self awareness of his quirkier otaku qualities and even utilizes them in an amusing manner, he reveals himself to be a complete hipster who dislikes anything mainstream. I’m sure most of us have come across similar snobs, who immediately deride anything that’s super popular and insist that the true gems lay neglected or hidden. Then there’s his super generic little sister who has no qualms making his loser status public to one and all but is very affectionate and attached to him all the same. Wait, maybe that makes her unique coz she combines two popular ‘younger sister’ archetypes? Lastly, we have Mayoka who is our other butt kicking lead, and most likely the main female protagonist. We barely get to know her, as she is busy fighting much of the episode. However, she seems destined to turn out to be one of those female characters that are extremely prude and chaste despite being engaged in controversial activities, in this case, stripping other women naked in broad daylight on a daily basis.

Tom: Fans of the video game Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed will notice some differences. The enemies aren’t known as Synthisters but instead Bugged Ones and are weak to air exposure rather than sunlight, although the same stripping combat mechanics persist. The episode moves pretty fast, with its attention split between Tamotsu’s Akihabara merchandise hunt and the overarching story of how he comes to be involved with the battle against the bugged ones. It’s pretty humourous, with a few good jokes slipped in between the action and ecchi pandering. Outside of its already ecchi premise, the show utilizes body humor, especially for characters like Arisa, which makes Akiba feel like it’ll have difficulty appealing to audiences beyond that core Ecchi demographic.

Ratted out by your own kin. Harsh!

Linny: In its defense I found it lewd but not outright vulgar. Yes we have big breasted girls and some boob bouncing action but when the girls are stripped or lying naked, there isn’t a ridiculously in your face shot of the camera caressing every naked inch. That’s not to say this show is something you can watch out in the open, but in its first episode, it manages to be more tame than most ecchi I’ve seen.  When it comes to story and humour, the episode had some amusing otaku oriented quips but overall, failed to come off as original in any way. It’s still fun to watch thanks to the lively characters and animation but don’t expect to be blown away by the story.

Tom: Akiba’s Trip is in an interesting position, as it already has a simuldub airing via Funimation, which is much faster than any of the other shows this season. And I believe only marks the second time Funimation has managed a simuldub (Space Dandy being the other.) It’s actually a fairly good dub that generally captures the same tone and feel of the cast from the Japanese production and in Arisa’s case has a far less grating voice. The one issue I have is Tamotsu’s deeper voice, when compared with the Japanese VA, and doesn’t quite catch that same youthful feel to the character.

Linny: Most of us have been burned by video game adaptations in the past enough to know that they’re usually not of the best quality either in animation or story. So far, Akiba’s first episode has me feeling less than certain that it could be a game changer. It DOES manage to show more promise than the average low effort, promotional material that try to pass off as anime adaptations of upcoming or striving game series. However, it’s already plagued by the fact that its entire cast feels like generic prototypes. It also doesn’t help that its ecchi premise already limits its audience significantly. Overall, the animation and bright colours are eye catching but the show has to prove itself more to be branded a must watch. It’s worth your time if you just want a colourful and fun casual ecchi romp but more refined viewers would do best to leave it be if all it offers is limited to what we saw in episode one.

Tom: Akiba’s Trip is based off a video game series, much of which hasn’t been brought to the U.S. Western fans of the series are only familiar with the second game in franchise (which was re-titled to remove reference to the earlier entries). The anime bears little resemblance to the game fans would be familiar with, and seems to take heavy liberties with the content it does adopt from the franchise’s first entry, re-imagining character designs and perhaps even some facets of the story itself. What’s here though is enjoyable all on its own. It’s perfect for viewers looking for something dumb, fun, and a bit perverted. It’s nothing along the lines of Hybrid x Heart, which basically turned into straight up hentai, but it might be best if viewers more sensitive to fan service and sexual body humor gave it a pass.

“Recommended: Akiba’s Trip offers much of what made the game series so good, dumb fun, sexual body humor, and a silly story that justifies it all. Just barely.”

“Take it or Leave it: Akiba’s premiere boasts of otaku humour and vibrant animation that pops out at you but suffers from generic characters.”











Akiba’s Trip is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com and has a simuldub available at Funimation.com.

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