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AllYourAnime.Net’s Super Super Crap Crap First Ever Giveaway!

Welcome to AllYourAnime.Net’s Super Super Crap Crap First Ever Giveaway! As a run up to our one year anniversary since launch, we’re giving away a host of not so amazing prizes!

To show our gratitude to our readership, both long term and new, we’re offering a chance for ten lucky winners to walk away with one of the ten prize packages listed below the Gleam Contest Entry Form:

*Note: Super Super Crap Crap First Ever Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian Residents Only. We intend to run another Contest for International Residents (Exclusively) next week.

*Contest ends March 2nd at 11:59pm EST

AllYourAnime.Net’s Super Super Crap Crap First Ever Giveaway!

1 x Perler Showa Genroku Rakugo Magnet Set:

Linny has crafted a pair of Showa Genroku Rakugo Magnets depicting both Sukeroku and Yakumo in a minimalist style, perfect for Showa fans aching for decor of 2016’s Best Anime.

1 x Perler Keijo!!!!!!!! Magnet Set

Linny has also crafted a pair of Perler Magnets depicting two of my favorite characters from my Personal Best Anime of 2016: Keijo!!!!!!!!. Nozomi and Toyoguchi are both recreated in Minimalist and chibi forms for fans to enjoy.

1 x Perler Erased Magnet Set

And last, but not least of the Perler prizes, Linny has crafted two Perler Magnets based upon characters from her Personal Best Anime of 2016: Erased. Fans can win these two Perler Prizes depicting both young Satoru and Kayo, as well as Satoru’s best friend, Kenya in minimalist style..

1 x Revoltech New Getter Robo Action Figure


If Perler creations aren’t your thing, we’re also giving away a Revoltech Getter Robo Action Figure, based upon the New Getter Robo version of the classic giant robot. The prize pictured above is as is, still new, with some wear and tear on the box.

1 x Masterpiece 02 Megatron Figure

Also up for grabs is a Masterpiece 02 Megatron figure, one of the early entries in the Masterpiece Line that offers high quality versions of your favorite Transformers. The figure is brand new and was only ever opened by customs when inserting the orange plastic tip to denote our lovely Decepticon leader as a toy, rather than a dangerous menace.

1 x Mixed Manga Goodiebag Set (Note: Some items are preowned.)










As if that wasn’t enough we’re also offering various mystery prize sets! First up is our Mixed Manga Goodiebag, containing a 2 volumes of manga, a Naruto related item, and a set of Dragon Ball Z Perler Magnets.


1 x Mystery Anime DVD Set (Note: Some items are preowned.)










We’re also offering a Mystery Anime DVD Set which contains four DVDs, and a FMA Perler Magnet of Edward Elric himself.

1 x Mystery Anime DVD Box (Note: Items are preowned.)



And the final of the Mystery Prize is a Mystery Anime DVD Box: Containing 2 full anime series, totaling over 50 episodes!

2 x Pack of Yu-Gi-Oh Jump Special Cards










Last, but not least, two winners will receive one of two Yu-Gi-Oh Jump Special Card packs, containing Shonen Jump versions of 12 awesome Yu-Gi-Oh cards. All cards are in mint or near-mint condition.

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