Amazing Stranger – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Bouida Haruto is a hardcore otaku who has no interest in 3D (real) girls. One day, he bought a figure of his favorite anime heroine, Nona, but then suddenly, Nona started to move! The frenzied married life between one otaku and one robot (?) is about to start!(Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Of course! Can’t be an otaku without losing all interest in real women.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Ever wonder what it would be like if Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story fame got his own show and was turned into an adorable anime girl with a nice figure and showing perhaps a tad too much skin? That’s Amazing Stranger in a nutshell. While the basic premise is fine, the idea of toys coming to life is nothing new to anime, and unfortunately Amazing Stranger brings little fresh or worthwhile to the table.

Amazing Stranger follows Bouida Haruto, a hardcore, closeted yet passionate Otaku who’s got a real obsession for anime figurines. In particular, Nona, from his all time favorite anime. Haruto is pretty bog standard as Otaku anime characters go, and as this episode is all about introducing the premise (familiar or not) he doesn’t get a chance to showcase a unique persona, assuming he has one. The same can be said for Nona, who’s dialogue mostly consists of the classic misunderstandings a story like this entails.

And filling out forms with that name is a nightmare for her.

What humor peppers the episode is quite predictable, built entirely around the series’ premise. You know the punch line to just about every joke and even the sex gags, the only humor that isn’t built around the premise, feels bog-standard and well worn.

The series’ primary appeal seems to be built around Nona’s generic, cute girl persona and her adorable design. Whether you take to the series might entirely depend on how attractive you find her as a character. With so little going for it, Amazing Stranger is starting on poor footing. While there’s tease of additional toys that come to life, the writing here doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. With such a lukewarm start my recommendation would be to give Amazing Stranger a pass, unless you find Nona’s design simply too cute to pass up.

Not Recommended: Bland, predictable, and weak with comedy, the short-form anime Amazing Stranger feels like an easy pass for the Spring season.



Amazing Stranger is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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