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And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?:

Original Air Dates: April 7th, 2016 – ???

Talk about getting straight to the point.

Synopsis: Hideki Nishimura is your classic young, closet gamer. Well, maybe worse as he’s the type who falls in love easily, proposing to a female character online who turned out to be a dude roleplaying. Nishimura keeps this secret to himself and decides to never trust another girl online again.

But some time later, a girl confesses her love for him, another party member in his new guild. Nishimura is reluctant, but agrees to marry her in game and treat the whole thing as a fantasy online and not get emotionally involved. But when the guild decides to have a real life get together Nishimura discovers that, Ako, his in game wife, is actually a beautiful nerdy gamer girl that’s in his class!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Here we have another video game world and clan-centric show but one that takes a more comedic approach. While Girl Online starts off in the video game, this is more about the real world interactions between the guild members and the comedy that arises from the clash of their real life personalities. The show has a nice mix of characters, which on the surface may seem familiar, but bring something extra to make them more interesting. For example, you get the cliche shy and busty girl, Ako, but she is unashamed online and in real life to show her love and affection for Rusian (Nishimura’s online name), her in-game ‘husband’ and changes personalities completely at the thought of ‘normies’. Even the well known vain and popular girl is revealed to be so into gaming that she gladly refuses to date least it cut into her gaming time, something that’s rare in the anime scene.

Tom: I found the girls each fun to watch, even if two of them are little more than broad archetypes. The super nerdy girl, Ako, is very cute and is sure to become popular among males viewers as a ‘dream girl.’ I find it nice that we’re seeing the nerdy girl get idolized here, but I can also understand people who might be disgusted by her. She’s portrayed as cute and bountifully attractive. But there’s another side to her, one who hates “normies” or people who form relationships and bonds easily. It gives her a more realistic portrayal, one that doesn’t immediately prop her up as some perfect individual. Outside of Ako, we have the Tsundere, popular girl who goes by the name of Schwein online. She’s okay, and amusing, as is the Student Council President who leads their guild, but for now neither stands out as more than their base archetype.

We all know and hate that one premium gamer.

Linny: The only remarkable feature about the class president is her ingame character that has absolutely no shame about being a premium gamer, and comes off as even addicted to using her premium upgrades. That in itself is a source of humour. And while Nishimura is a bit bland, the reveal of his dark secret makes him instantly more likable or pitiable, as we all have heard of or maybe even experienced his little secret ourselves.

Tom: Personally, I feel Nishimura is ultimately little more than an every man. We do see a few traits, his eagerness and willingness to fall in love, and seems like a decent guy for the most part, but otherwise Nishimura is really just there for the men in the audience to identify with and use as a proxy for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that, and what little details we get of Nishimura do endear me to him, but if you’re looking for a more meaty character, this guy ain’t it.

Linny: The first episode is packed with lots of jokes that will amuse both gamers and non-gamers alike, though the humour is definitely skewed more towards gaming. It’s light hearted, fluffy and an enjoyable experience to watch these guild mates just interacting and being themselves.

Tom: The biggest plus for Girl Online is undoubtedly its humor. The jokes are, as Linny described, primarily geared towards gamers, with lots of humor surrounding online play or gamer stereotypes. There’s some situational humor that helps to keep the show feeling light and cute. But the biggest surprise of Girl Online, is that it’s actually pretty romantic. Seeing Nishimura and Ako meet for the first time is heartwarming and watching Ako get so happy meeting Nishimura in the flesh is adorable. It’s like watching two people who’ve struck out with love again and again finally find a soulmate. It helps to keep the show feeling more fun and romantic rather than erotic and sexy, as these ecchi shows normally go.

A relatable experience for most guild member readers.

Linny: If that sentence that Tom just said depressed the ecchi-holic in you, do not despair, dearest pervert! There’s still plenty of zoomed in breasts and ass shots, and the credits have the girls dressed in minimalistic game clothing. It is nowhere as scandalous as most would like it to be, at least in the first episode, but the show is definitely not fan service devoid either.

Tom: Yes, there’s plenty of fan service here to please the average ecchi lover, although Girl Online is far tamer compared to say the likes of Highschool DxD or Valkyrie Drive. That said, Girl Online maintains a delicate balance that’s likely to upset less people on average, but if you’re especially adverse to fan service Girl Online isn’t going to be something I’d recommend. Going beyond the ecchi visuals, Girl Online uses a nice contrast of color and brightness levels to depict the online game world vs. the real world. In general this show feels quite colorful at times, keeping the visuals easy on the eyes in more ways than one. 

Linny: It’s enjoyable and cute, with decent quality even in the fight scenes. Nothing mind blowing, but pleasing enough to the eyes, especially when depicting our protagonists interacting in the game world. The expressions and reactions of the characters also really add to the entertainment factor of the show, as they’re exaggerated and comical.

By Jove, do WE have some for you.

Tom: Girl Online is the adaptation of a long running Light Novel series currently spanning nine volumes, so there’s a wealth of content, but we’ll most likely only see a few of the volumes adapted in the anime. If we’re lucky by the end of spring we might see an announcement that the series will be making its way to the U.S. so at least fans might have that avenue to continue the story. Girl Online has a lot to like and if you’re looking for some sexy eye candy with a light romance and great comedy, then you could find a lot worse than what Girl Online has to offer.

Linny: If you enjoy stories about awkward teenagers trying to navigate the world of romance and highschool, with a high dose of game centric interaction and humour, Girl Online should definitely appeal to you. The show does just enough to feel familiar and entertaining at the same time, balancing game humour with cutesy or common characters.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: is great for people open to fan service, looking for romance and comedy all wrapped into one well developed package.”

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“Recommended: A must try for those interested in a light hearted romance involving gaming humour and friendship.”












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