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Anne Happy:

Original Air Dates: April 7th, 2016 – ???

Are all those pills the reason why Anne is Happy?


Synopsis: Hibarigaoka Ruri didn’t care where she went to school, walking through life without any destiny. Then on her way to the Tennogogune Academy, she came upon a girl hanging from a bridge, clutching a dog. Upon saving this girl, she discovered that she was actually one of her new classmates, the unlucky and perpetually happy Hanakoizumi An. Once arriving at school, the girls learn that they’re in Class 7, a course designed to teach the unluckiest of students how to be happy and harness their talents. An and Ruri meet Kumegawa Botan, a girl so fragile even a handshake shatters her bones. Together they’re all going to do the best they can to live the happy high school life.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Anne-Happy is a barrage of bright colors and happy cute visuals that all make for an excellent contrast when the show decides to snap to creepy for purely comedic effect. If I had to use just one word to describe Anne-Happy it’d be this: absurd. Absolutely absurd. Anne-Happy lets you know this early, thanks to the school assembly, where the principal continues to give a speech to the students in the background, and veers off into talking about himself, his past and his birth to a dry goods seller. Anne-Happy is anything but normal.

Linny: Accompanying the eclectic story is an equally eclectic mix of chibi and regular animation styles to convey the absurdity of it all. This isn’t necessarily original, as it can be seen in most moe and comedic shows, but it does definitely suit the tone of Anne-Happy. The soft colours used in abundance help to seal in the moe factor and you can’t help but chuckle at the really out there premise of a school that admits some students for the sole purpose of changing the students’ luck.

Do you live in a zoo or a jungle?

Tom: I actually found the three girls, An, Ruri and Botan a lot of fun to watch. An is the classic ditsy girl who’s perpetually happy and it’s exceedingly hard to keep her down for more than five minutes at a time. Ruri is the quiet girl, who interestingly enough has a secret love that makes for a really funny twist reveal at the end of the episode. Botan is your weird, fragile odd girl of the group. I actually found any moment where Botan was getting hurt funny, as mean as that sounds, and generally walked away feeling pretty on board with Anne-Happy.

Linny: Maybe I’m a little jaded because while I still enjoyed the cast, I felt like their characters were just too characteristic and expected of a moe comedy. But they play their roles well, and manage to be a pleasant source of chuckles and smiles as they stumble and struggle with their bad luck. The credits tease the addition of two more girls to the main cast, but as they haven’t joined the gang in this episode yet, you’ll just have to wait to see what those two bring to the table. 

Tom: I think Anne-Happy’s biggest hurdle is selling people on this really odd school that’s more interested in making these student lucky/happy rather than teaching them anything. It’s sure to turn people away for that, I think, more so than the characters themselves. Most people still want a little logic and sense with their comedy (I’m happy with none.)

Someone has zero aspirations to be Teacher of the Year.

Linny: The weird premise provides the potential for a lot of comedy that wouldn’t work in a more grounded set up. If you like logic, you’ve picked the wrong show. For now, Anne-Happy seems to be the best choice for fans of moe comedy this season thanks to its decent animation and longer run time.

Tom: Anne-Happy is based off an going manga, with 4 volumes collected to date. There’s a chance this will adapt everything currently out so it’ll be interesting to see exactly how they choose to wrap things up. Anne-Happy isn’t the most hilarious comedy this season, I’m not even sure we’ve found one that had me rolling on the floor with laughter all the way through yet. But it’s better than most and I’d say I have to recommend it to people looking for a chuckle alongside their moe.

Linny: Anne Happy sits at middle of the road for me with its content, but has enough cuteness and eclectic comedy that I feel will appeal to a large percentage of anime fans. There are some very random gags in the show and as with most moe shows, there’s nothing bad enough about it to write against it, unless you specifically dislike its genre and premise.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: Anne-Happy is off its rocker, in a good way, and while not the most rib-roaring of comedies, it’s got enough chuckles that I found it a fun watch.”

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“Recommended: While not the funniest show, if you like moe and eccentric premises, this show has both covered.”













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