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Are You Lost? – Anime Preview

Synopsis: No shelter, no food, no water… when four girls get shipwrecked on a deserted island, they’re in big trouble! …Or so you’d think, but they’re actually doing great! They don’t have anything, so they’ll make what they need to! They’ll eat what they need to! It’s a deserted island story of intelligence and courage! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Sounds like someone needs to practice better hygiene.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Are You Lost? had me worried when its first episode opened by panning the camera across the passed out bodies of its female protagonists and since we watched this right after Magical Sempai, I was dreading the reveal that this show too is actually primarily an excuse for Ecchi upskirts. Thankfully, once we are past those first couple shots, the series treats the cast with a fair amount of decency, never really letting the camera focus on them or their bodies in a manner that would be considered improper. Even when the girls undress for survival reasons or get drenched from swimming the framing feels matter of fact and not like sleazy fan service. Though one might still raise an eyebrow of disapproval (or approval) at how the girls are all wearing lacy lingerie or how their chests seem to grow a lot more in certain shots and in the opening credits.

Tom: Despite being labeled as an Ecchi (and its comedy does tend to lean more towards pervy gags) the series shifts focus immensely after its first few minutes, consistently doling out seemingly practical survival information, making it this weird, if interesting mix between pervy comedy and useful knowledge.

Whoa! We went Lord of the Flies real quick, didn’t we?

Linny: This first episode is a bit schizophrenic, switching its tone between comedy and dramatic, and the transitions between these clashing tones is never smooth. It starts off serious as one of the girls wonders out loud about being alive but then mere seconds later, the other girls are all doing a super perky first day of school self introduction even though it’s abundantly clear that they are all stranded and have just survived what was likely a harrowing experience. The rest of the episode continues to seesaw like this going between a perilous tone during a near shark attack and the threat of dehydration to hey everybody! check out the goofy antics and interactions of these adorable, and sometimes sexy, high school girls.

Don’t be spreading stereotypes!

Tom: Since the comedy is centered mostly on erotic or raunchy gags, and the characters themselves are rather bare-bones, simply vehicles for the survival information or whatever next dirty joke will be peppered in, the big appeal here is all that survival knowledge. There’s a lot, with the episode finding problem after problem for Onishima Homare, resident survival expert thanks to her crazy dad, to solve with a bit of survival skills know-how. The series isn’t terrible, but it feels very limited in appeal, begging for ecchi/raunchy comedy fans who want to learn a few survival tips, and doesn’t feel like a stand out for the Summer season, even if its one of just a handful of shorts this Summer.

Linny: While Survival Skills are all well and interesting, the plot makes overt use of some rather convenient reveals when needed. One example is Onishima producing empty water bottles out of thin air when they need it to collect drinkable water… or a phone battery apparently being able to produce strong currents of electricity when thrown into water despite having been harmless when in the phone and pocket of Onishima when she was already swimming. Without ever bothering to properly explain anything, these developments feel contrived and make it hard to take Are You Lost? seriously. Not to mention, this was already a challenge given the extreme tonal shift from perilous to perky and silly. One can’t recommend this show in all seriousness as a means to learn about survival as the explanations given are so basic that most people will be left confused or half educated which can be just as bad or worse than natural ignorance. Given the lack of/extremely lowkey ecchi, it probably won’t please anyone but the extremely starved or those with a very specific ‘taste’. And lastly, thanks to the inability to transition smoothly, the content and plot of the story might be a challenge for most to really dive into, so maybe Are You Lost? is ultimately just another show meant specifically for the crowd that just enjoys watching anime high school girls in all sorts of wacky situations.

Take it or Leave it: Are You Lost? Isn’t much of an ecchi, more a survival information short with drippings of raunchy humor, making for an odd and ho-hum combination.

Take it or Leave it: Are You Lost? struggles to juggle its cute and sillier side with its attempt to dole out some basic survival skills information.















Are You Lost? is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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