Armed Girl’s Machiavellism – Preview

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism:

Original Air Dates: April 5th, 2017 – ???

Boy, that’s one heck of a reformation.

Synopsis: Aichi Symbiosis Academy was originally a private high school reserved for high-class girls. But when it made the switch to co-ed, the female student body, out of fear, sought permission to bring weapons to school to defend themselves. From there formed a five-member vigilante corps called the “Supreme Five Swords.” After many generations, the five swords evolved into a group that correct problematic students. This caused the academy to actively seek out bad apples in order to have the Five Swords correct them.

Now one Nomura Fudou has been sent to Aichi Academy after taking part in a huge melee brawl. Nomura finds only two options ahead of him: either find himself expelled from Aichi, or become corrected like all the other students: by being forced to dress and act like a girl!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Armed Girls Machiavellism displays a strange imbalance: on one hand the show is extremely over the top, yet plays it all out with deadpan serious tones. When you watch delinquent high school boys so completely reformed and brow beaten that they resort to wearing make up and passing as girls, you expect it to be a hilarious sight but somehow, the episode manages to suck out any traces of comedy. A second example of this weird mix of serious and over the top would be a scene where a female student uses her PET BEAR to sit in for her so she can skip class, and the teacher taking roll call apparently does NOT know the difference between a bear and a human girl. This ‘gag’ is over in a flash and nobody seems to react to it in the least. It puts the episode in this weird spot where it’s neither funny but it can’t be taken seriously because of its over the top elements either. And then you can’t help but wonder, just what point is the show trying to make and if you should even care at all?

Lady, you need to get your eye sight and your hearing checked immediately.

Tom: Machiavellism has a lot of potential with its premise. It’s absurd, stupid and over the top. But the execution here doesn’t do any of that justice. The episode is riddled with issues ranging from: bad, uninteresting and bland dialogue to lazy visuals and a lack of the over the top/epic quality needed to sell its entire concept. It’s crazy but the entire show underplays its whole premise. Even the voice acting feels uninterested in the entire proceeding with not one VA bringing a performance to the table that felt memorable and attention grabbing.

Linny: And as always, even though the episode starts by building up the strength and skill of our female characters, our male hero is able to defend himself against a sword wielding expert attack simply using a pair of gloves. Sure, the episode mentions they’re reinforced gloves..but why spend several minutes going on and on about this elite group of sword wielders only to have one ‘lose’ to a pair of gloves. What makes it feel all the more insipid is that the fight scene goes on for what feels like forever and it becomes even harder to believe the girl is truly skilled when she cannot land any hits thanks to him putting on protective gloves. And if you hadn’t had your fill of cliches, the fight ends with the ‘classic’ accidental/unintentional sexual misconduct gag.

Know the difference!

Tom: Things are further compounded by how stereotypical everyone feels. These girls hardly feel like characters in and of themselves, spouting cliches that one has seen all too often, making not a single one of the girls, or even our male lead, stand out in any way.

Linny: Though the episode tries its best to hype up Five Swords as deadly elites, they seem to engage in nothing but man hating talk. spouting on and on about how they need to break the spirit of the new male transfer student. They’ve been reduced to a man hating stereotype as they go on and on with all sorts of cliche dialogue and spend their entire conversation and energy dealing with our lead. It’s hard to take to any of them, especially as a female viewer, when they seem to be written as nothing more than caricatures for our hero to eventually seduce and win over. And it of course doesn’t help that our hero seems sort of generic himself. He does have one hilarious, stand out moment when he tries to outrun/escape from the girl who wants a confrontation with him but that was about the only thing I personally enjoyed in the entire episode.

Tom: Compounding all of the issues above, the animation feels stilted, washed out, off model and not nearly as fluid as other offerings this season, making it a mess to look at outside of the action heavy scenes. Armed Girl’s may in fact be one of the least interesting anime I’ve laid eyes on this season.


Linny: With Amazon emerging as a serious competitor in the anime licensing game, Armed Girls Machiavellism might help you save some cash as it’s definitely not worth forking out the money Amazon is demanding for access to their Anime Strike Channel. Some viewers might still be able to derive enjoyment out of its over the top elements, especially younger viewers who can still find enjoyment in what others have seen too often to care about anymore. The premise has a lot of promise but seeing the rather haphazard execution, disappointing acting and animation in the first episode, there’s a high chance of that promise falling flat.

Tom: Armed Girl’s Machiavellism had a potentially stupid fun premise, that is then squandered with bad dialogue, uninteresting visuals, and a tone that’s all too down to Earth to sell what should be an easy sell. Seeing as Machiavellism is behind the Anime Strike paywall, it should be an easy skip for people as it isn’t a stand out reason to take part in Amazon’s double subscription model.

“Not Recommended: Armed Girl’s Machiavellism is an anime where everything conspires to undo what should’ve been a stupid and fun premise.”

“Not Recommended: Armed Girls Machiavellism fails to deliver on its over the top premise by taking itself too seriously and delivering cliches galore, shoddy animation and bland voice acting.”













Armed Girl’s Machiavellism is available for streaming via Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel.

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