Attack on Titan Season 2 – Preview

Attack on Titan Season 2:

Original Air Dates: April 1st, 2017 – ???

Behold the power of a Titan who let one rip!!

Synopsis: Eren Jaeger’s pledge to wipe out every last Titan still seems far off. Even having defeated the female titan and exposed a traitor within their ranks, the battle still rages ahead as throngs of Titans have yet again breached another wall. As if that revelation couldn’t be worse, it seems as if there are new variants of titans with far more power, ability and intelligence than ever before. Can humanity possibly hope to win?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Season 2 opens with high quality animation that looks great. The same grim, saturated with orange and yellow art style you loved the first time around is back and very few adjustments have been made that pull away from what captured so many fan’s hearts the first time around. But there has been some compromise. For example, in longer shots CGI is used to depict the survey corps and their horses, helping to keep the animation fluid and dynamic. It’s not bad, but it is noticeable. Making up for that, of course, are the ever creepy and weird titans, who seem even more ‘derpy’ than usual, with plenty of ‘come hither’ postures to give the audience a couple chuckles between the impending brutality of their attacks.

Linny: Things pick up pretty much exactly where we left off last season and for the most part succeeds as seamless continuation thrusting us on to new plots and developments. It packs a punch with its very first episode, introducing a shocking new twist that makes it clear that our characters are going to be facing all sorts of new obstacles in their drive to seek freedom from the Titans.

Is that a come hither look or are you just happy to see me?

Tom: While mostly set up for this next arc, Attack on Titan dives into the action very quickly, keeping the pacing fast and engaging. That said, this episode can feel like a bit of a tease. Just as the action gets going we cut away for a commercial break, followed by a slow character flashback and development between Erin and Mikasa. But once we return to the unfolding chaos there’s a lot here to suck you in and hype you up for what’s to come.

Linny: Even though this is just the first episode, it perfectly captures and reminds the audience of just how brutal and intimidating the world of Attack on Titan can be. There are scary and bloody showdowns that will pull viewers back into the stressful and dismal environment the series is best known for.

Tom: It helps significantly that the music is still so on point and gripping, only adding to the intense brutality on screen. It’s that atmosphere, a return to the sheer hopelessness from season 1 that makes this opener feel so strong and compelling.

Sounds like that will be NEVER then.

Linny: The episode also teases a focus on Sasha and Cony, two characters that have their own little legion of devoted fans and should be music to their ears. We get a bit of basic background information for both of them and the promise of more screen time in the next episode. Given how Sasha and Cony seemed almost completely absent from the spotlight in the latter half of last season, it’s a welcome change for Season 2 to promise a long awaited reunion for their fans with the characters they adore.

Tom: Attack on Titan Season 2, despite the overly lengthy wait, is reported to only consist of twelve episodes. It’s not clear how much the anime will manage to adapt from the manga, but if the anime manages to keep up both the pace and the quality, it’s sure to be a satisfying ride. As of right now, it’s looking like Season 2 was well worth the wait for die hard fans.

Linny: As with all uber popular anime, Attack on Titan has faced its fair share of criticism and as so much time has passed between seasons, there has also been a fair amount of fans who lost interest and moved on from the franchise. However, Season 2 seems well prepared and determined to win them all back with an extremely well executed premiere that will remind even lost fans of everything they loved about the show and will have devoted fans cheering with joy.

“Recommended: Attack on Titan bursts back into the limelight with the same intense action and brutality that made it a hit near half decade ago.”

“Recommended: An action packed premiere coupled with shocking new reveals makes for a promising start to Attack on Titan’s second season.”











Attack on Titan Season 2 is available for streaming via, will have a simuldub available via, and will begin airing on Toonami starting April 22nd.

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