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Synopsis: Set in 2045, humanity struggles to survive in a world overrun by mysterious invaders called the Irousu. The Earth’s only hope lies with the students of Shinjugamine Girls’ Academy, a school where Star Guardians train to fight the Irousu. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

Dude, where’s your mouth?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Right from the start, Battle Girl High School has an air of mediocrity with average animation at best and characters that struggle to come off as original. The girls all feel, look, sound and act like ones you’ve seen a million times before in similar shows and even the monsters featured fail to make it interesting or unique. However, I will give the show points for giving the girls modest transformation scenes and outfits that don’t exploit them in a super sexualized manner.

Tom: It is insanely generic. Battle Girl High School, a name that already implies the absolute most basic and overused version one could expect of a ‘collect all the moe girls’ mobile/browser game adaptation, feels indeed like something you’ve seen before. Be it a stronger adaptation of these types of games like Kantai Collection, or a weaker entry in the pantheon of collectable girl games like Ange Vierge or Schoolgirl Strikers.

Linny: The show tries to inject some brooding premonition by having the teachers complain and criticize the girls for treating the monster battles like fun and games. The teachers keep harping on about how they need to train the girls harder and get them to be more serious but from what is shown there’s hardly any reason for them to say that. The girls seem to win their battles with ease and while that may be part of the plan to inject a false sense of security, it makes it hard to take the show’s warnings seriously.

And then they ba….?

Tom: It doesn’t help that like so many of these ‘collectable girls’ game adaptations, there’s an absolutely massive cast that I was already struggling to tell apart by episode’s end. Unlike, say Kantai Collection, which manages to bring enough personality to the table that the girls can, somewhat at a glance, feel memorable and unique, that just isn’t so here. It’s such a problem that not one of the girls leaves a lasting impression on me.

Linny: It’s simply ridiculous just how many girls the show manages to cram into its first episode. However, for better or worse, you can very easily recognize them all as standard tropes. Almost every girl is meant to be some form of cutesy and eventually, they all start to feel like copies of each other except with different hairstyles.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed are we?

Tom: Battle Girl High School isn’t exactly bad. It’s not offensive, it doesn’t have terrible animation. But it is drab, uninteresting, lacking in personality and feels like a half-hearted retread of what so many other anime have brought about before. It’s almost painful to sit through as it’s so mind numbingly dull. It’s something best left to hardened moe-lovers and fans of the game it’s based upon.

Linny: If you enjoy a cast of mainly cutesy high school girls battling demons based off yet another mobile game, by all means, dive right into Battle Girl high School. Even if it isn’t outstanding it does check all the prerequisites, meaning that if you like that kind of show, you will most likely be able to enjoy this one. That said if you’re not a fan, you can safely leave this show off your watch list without missing out on anything mind blowing.

“Not Recommended: Battle Girl High School is the very definition of a phoned in adaptation, putting little effort into bringing its source material to life.”

“Not Recommended: For better or worse, Battle Girl High School has too many tropes of a collect em all mobile game turned show.”












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