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Synopsis: Yuu has always dreamt of receiving a love confession but feels nothing when a boy gives her one. Confused, she starts her first year of high school and meets the beautiful Nanami, who makes her heart skip a beat. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

You do realize that’s all fiction. It’s all MADE UP!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Bloom Into You is slow, so very, very slow. Its younger protagonist, Yuu, suffers from the idolization of fictional love and the show feels like it is encouraging that idealized and completely fantasy version of love that some teenagers and even adults seem to have, tainted and misled by media and their own imagination. While the episode follows Yuu’s school life, it often focuses on her inner thoughts regarding love and relationships making this first episode feel like an elongated walk through a teenager’s inner musings rather than an active, eventful story.

Tom: Yuu’s struggle with the idolization of love feel’s natural, but under addressed. Bloom into You doesn’t seem to be challenging that misguided view of romance. This is partially perpetuated through Bloom into You’s chaste realization of Yuu’s budding feelings, keeping the flits of romance between her and Nanami, her senpai, tame. This might still work if it wasn’t for Bloom into You’s obsession with the mundane. A decent chunk of the episode is devoted to Student Council efforts. While that’s in part used as a way to bring Yuu and Nanami together, there’s also a post credits scene totally dedicated to that angle and it is painfully boring. Bloom into You already moves slow, but when it begins to focus on this particularly boring plotline things really fall apart.

We all know you’ll be changing your tune by the end of this show.

Linny: There is one point where something incredible and startling happens, but it unfortunately ends up coming off unconvincing. It’s the moment where we learn that Nanami, Yuu’s senior and fellow club member harbors romantic feelings for her. It happens so suddenly that you wonder just when Nanami managed to fall for her, considering they barely seem to spend much time together, especially in an intimate manner that might encourage romantic interest. What further hinders and undermines this confession is that the episode immediately returns to the humdrum status quo, with our girls just chatting and mingling with other people at a ho hum school council get-together. The mood is once again so bland and dead that you start to feel like you switched to a completely different show. I would like to make it clear that as many ‘complaints’ as I have had, I do not feel that Bloom Into You is a bad show; it’s just too slow and plodding for my own personal liking. I do most definitely approve of how chaste and respectful this show is handling its yuri romance so far, with no scandalous titillating imagery of its female leads that would make one wonder if this was instead just a cheap shot at wooing hormonal young teen males. Maybe this will be a sweet and touching same sex romance, something that’s always welcome and much needed in media that so heavily skews to heterosexual romance or worse, exploitative treatment of what little same sex content it adapts.

Tom: Bloom in You is really for a very particular crowd. It’s for fans who want a chaste, slow, fluttery romance. It’s for people who want merely hints of love, rather than full-blown teen-angst, sexuality, etc. For most anyone else Bloom into You places its attention on all the wrong things, and simply takes too long to get the point.

Take it or Leave it: Bloom into You is for fans of slow, light romance that idolizes love to a purely fictional degree.

Take it or Leave it: Bloom Into You holds promise as a sweet and tender yuri romance but its plodding pace might leave viewers disengaged.
















Bloom Into You is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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