Bubuki Buranki The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy – Preview

Bubuki/Buranki The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy:

Original Air Dates: October 1st, 2016 – ???

Typical Tourists.

Synopsis: Azuma and his team of Bubuki users managed to avert disaster and save the world. Now, some time has passed and the group is ready to tour Taiwan in search of the fallen pieces of Oubu after their climatic battle, although Azuma himself is stuck back with immigration. However, when a Buranki attacks the airport, the group finally comes into contact with Azuma’s lost absent sister: Kaoruko. And she’s a Bubuki user too! In fact, she has a Black Bubuki Heart that allows her to summon a black version of Oubu!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: I’d had a bone to pick with Bubuki/Buranki’s first season animation. This time around I can’t tell exactly what has changed, but everything feels more fluid, more natural. The quibbles and issues I had are gone and everything looks and moves in a much more normal manner, save for a few panning shots where the frame rate dips and causes a mild stuttering effect. Aesthetically the show remains much in line with its predecessor, character designs for our new additions to the cast are just as wild and weird as before, ensuring that every new character we meet looks perfectly natural within this already odd world.

Linny: What’s also changed this season is the tone and nature of the show. Last season had some comedy but was mostly angsty and intense showdowns and broody moments. This time, the episode kicks off with the original crew, minus Azuma, behaving like fresh faced tourists, marveling and overreacting to every new sight as they drive through a new country. In fact, last season ended on a somewhat gloomy and ominous note yet everyone seems to have recovered completely from the traumatic events, doing a complete 180 mood wise. Also, if you were amused by the off colour jokes about breasts in that ONE episode last season, this season kicks off with several references and entire sequences involving them.

We got plenty of boob jokes this episode.

Tom: Some amount of time has passed since the climatic events of season 1 and while Bubuki/Buranki was never wholly serious, this season feels so much more silly than the last. Perhaps it has to do with a behind the scenes change, as it looks like one of the two writers who worked on Bubuki Buranki last season jumped shipped. Whatever the case, things seem a little more light and silly, with very little of the dark and foreboding emotional atmosphere to keep things feeling intense. In fact the series is potentially self-aware of what the audience is looking for going into this second run, as it plays up the big question of “What’s Azuma’s sister story?” with near constant teasing from the moment she comes on screen. The series even spends a little time redefining the rest of the world, the role Bubuki users play in it, aspects wholly undeveloped previously, and perhaps slightly retconned even now.

Linny: While we DO finally get an explanation of where Azuma’s sister has been all this time, it still doesn’t explain exactly how and why Azuma came to be separated from his father and sister. It feels like a non-answer, especially since Kaoruko, his sister, tells the story in a baby-ish voice trying her best to sound cute and pouty, so it’s even harder to take it seriously. Also, this first episode takes place in Taiwan and listening to Kogane and Kinoa gushing over all the sights, then with Kaoruko praising it as her beautiful second home, makes the episode feel like product placement/advertisement for the nation of Taiwan.

When you’re too broke to join your friends for a night out of fun.

Tom: This first episode is very strange, though when is Bubuki Buranki not? Where as Season 1 thrust us into an odd world that felt almost fantastical compared to reality, Season 2 redefines things, putting our characters in mundane situations, facing mundane obstacles like Immigration. It’s weird, and while not entirely unwelcome, feels strange when compared to what Season 1 offered. As far as characters go our main cast of Bubuki Users feels much the same, their personalities having hardly shifted from Season 1. The new additions outside of the insane Kaoruko, are quite subdued, although that’s clearly for plot reasons as another character seems to have beaten the spirit out of them. Getting back to the sister, she’s a real oddball and completely subverts what one might’ve expected from her character. At that, the series exceeds without a doubt, surprisingly audiences with her over the top and entirely comical personality.

Linny: This new season has a fair handful of returning characters from the last, while also immediately giving us Azuma’s sister along with four new characters. Besides Kaoruko, the female members of her crew get the most screen time… especially the flirty, dark skinned big breasted one named Lakshmi, an Indian name and thus someone who’s potentially of Indian origin. Then there’s a shy and quiet girl who immediately takes to Kogane. The male members of her crew remain completely unexplored, and given how much boob content there is this season, it seems like the show runners might be a bit biased.

You WISH this was the global standard.

Tom: When we last left Bubuki/Buranki neither Linny or myself was all that attached to the series. It’s story had been obtuse, its animation bothered me, and its characters didn’t exactly leave me engrossed. I can’t say that Season 2 looks to have fixed much of that, outside of my quibbles with the animation. That said, it’s looking like those who enjoyed Season 1 of Bubuki will find things just as appealing as before, although the lighter and sillier comedy might disappoint viewers who’d enjoyed it’s brooding nature.

Linny: As someone who left the last season less than enamored with the series, this new tonal shift has done little to change my mind, especially since a lot of the comedy involves breast jiggling, groping and gawking. Kaoruko’s friendly and outgoing nature makes for a stark contrast to her broody and solitary brother but even he seems to have become a lot more silly this season. Like Tom said, if you enjoyed Bubuki Buranki for its brooding tone, you might not like this sudden and complete influx of comedy. However, thanks to the improved animation quality and abundance of action packed fights right from episode one, viewers who took to it for the action should be well pleased with the continuation.

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“Take it or Leave it: Bubuki/Buranki The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy shifts in tone, but maintains much of what the first season offered.”

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“Take it or Leave it: Improved animation will please those who loved the action and fights of last season but the tonal change to constant comedy and breast jokes might not sit well with others.”













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