Magical Girl Raising Project – Mid Season Review

Magical Girl Raising Project: Original Air Dates: October 1st, 2016 – ??? Synopsis: Magical Girl Raising Project is a popular phone game that just about ever girl seems to be playing. Girls enthralled by the Magical Girl genre are especially hooked, such as one Himekawa Koyuki, who’s dreamed of being a magical […]

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Alderamin on the Sky – Mid Season Review

Alderamin on the Sky: Original Air Dates: July 8, 2016 to ??? Synopsis: The Katjvarna Empire is at war with its neighbor: The Kioka Republic. As tensions are mounting one womanizing, self-obsessed, arrogant young man, Ikta travels across the sea alongside Yatrisino, a level-headed heir to her noble family, Matthew, […]

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