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Chaika the Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle – Anime Review

Synopsis: In their search for Emperor Gaz’ remains, Chaika and friends find themselves at a vineyard of all places, where one of the Eight Heroes lives. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

Considering Steel is a non living item, it probably doesn’t feel anything at all.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: For those disappointed by the first season of Chaika, the good news is that if you’re a fan of action, there’s a lot of it in this second season. Chaika’s second season is a lot more action and plot driven than its predecessor, offering up answers to questions and mysteries that were left hanging previously and plenty of intense battles and showdowns. To put it simply, there’s always something happening on screen for your brain or your eyes to latch on to.

Tom: Where as Chaika’s first season kept the questions coming, answers are flying throughout these ten episodes, bringing many of the shadowy mysteries to light and tackling head on many of the unanswered questions from the first season. It’s satisfying getting a little knowledge revealed each episode, rather than cramming all the answers in at the very end. There’s also more action this time around as Linny mentioned, with a focus on multi-episode conflicts. The animation manages to keep up with this increase in chaotic battles, delivering a consistent and visually satisfying experience.

Chaika Season 2, the 2 stands for 2 Chaikas. (jk)

Linny: We’re introduced to new villains but unfortunately, they do not come off as particularly threatening, rather they feel inconsequential. They lack the impact and appeal of characters from last season and ultimately, it’s the mysteries and characters from last season that continue to steal the show and hog the limelight.

Tom: Our main cast though gets a lot to do, save Fredrika who is sidelined yet again for the vast majority of the story. Chaika herself grows much over these ten episodes, coming to grips as she’s confronted with the truth of her origins, making for a generally satisfying character arc. Even Gillette’s little band of heroes features heavily, feeling far more integral to the main storyline this time around. All my praise aside though, I have qualms with the ultimate reveals concerning the series most central mysteries. When answers rise to the service, they’re weak and rife with cliche. Not one of the answers surrounding Chaika’s origin, Gaze’s ultimate plan, the creation of the other Chaika’s, or other mysteries introduced and answered in the second season itself, feels truly satisfying. If anything the ending leaves much to be desired. It doesn’t help matters that at least one plot line is introduced during the premiere episode of the second season, and dropped as quickly as it was introduced, never to be acknowledged or addressed again. Compounding things is a ending that feels altogether rushed and poorly paced.

Linny: Maybe it’s the fact that this season is a highly reworked/condensed version of the Light Novel’s ending and that’s why it feels underwhelming and even more disappointing than season one. The fact that a lot of the answers and developments will come off feeling very cliche is likely to disappoint some viewers and make them feel like all these lazy cliches were thrown together for the sole sake of ending the story with the least amount of effort put in. All of this ultimately coming together to make the ending feel bland and uninspired.

That’s one literal naming system you got there.

Tom: The few remaining unanswered questions really speak to how rushed and condensed the last few episodes feel. One can imagine an ending with just a bit more breathing room, an episode or two more, that managed to uplift some of these overly cliched reveals and craft an ending that, while not perfect, would’ve been infinitely better. As it is Chaika ends not with a bang, but a whimper.

Linny: Looking at Chaika’s overall story reveals a series that had the potential to be entertaining but brought about its own downfall by relying on a very unoriginal and messy ending. Even with what renewed effort was put into its second season, that season only sparkled when compared to its former elements. And even though this second season serves up plenty of answers, most of them are cliche and rushed, and while Avenging Battle brings up its own mysteries,  they’re quickly forgotten and abandoned. Ultimately, Chaika Season 2 is best left to die hard fans of season 1 or anyone desperate for answers to the questions posed in the first season, who’s willing to accept trope filled resolutions to it all.

“Take it or Leave it: Fans of the first season will find a weaker second season, with cliched reveals and a rushed ending that send the series out on a lesser note.”

“Take it or Leave it: Chaika’s second season offers up answers to the mysteries of its predecessor, but be aware that they’re rather cliched.”













Chaika the Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle is available for streaming via HIDIVE

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