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Chidori RSC – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Competitive sharpshooter Hikari Kokura hopes to join the Chidori High School light-beam rifle shooting club — but the club has been disbanded! If she wants to hone her skills, she’ll have to recruit fellow students and save the club! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

O fragile, fleeting youth!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Chidori RSC instantly reveals itself to be yet another generic school club and cute girls doing cute things anime. From the Rifle Shooting Club being on the verge of disbanding to our protagonists needing to recruit new members, Chidori makes sure to hit all the familiar beats. giving it this ‘paint by numbers’ feel. Hikari and her best friend Izumi acquire new club members almost immediately, with minimum effort and by some great coincidence, the other two new members just happen to be talented marksmen themselves, both already ranking well in tournaments. After the club is rebanded, the rest of the episode is just a series of the girls dishing out basic knowledge about the rifle shooting sport or engaging in inconsequential things like shopping for snacks and being silly together, complete with cute reactions and expressions to deliver the audience their daily dose of moe.

Tom: To be fair, a generic set up like this could work. Plenty of anime accomplish this all the time, injecting new life into tired ideas with fresh characters, innovative comedy, or presenting the same ideas from a different angle. Unfortunately Chidori RSC isn’t quite so clever. The series boasts neither strong comedy, or interesting characters, let alone a fresh angle on the all too typical set up. The most notable aspect to its four lead girls is that two of them are heavy nods to Evangelion, with each character blatantly modeled off Asuka and Rei respectively. Outside of that vaguely interesting tidbit the cast hardly breaks any molds, presenting the same overconfident girl, silent girl, girl that acts as the glue that holds the group together, and the spunky, excitable lead that you’d expect from pretty much any girl’s club based anime. Add in the fact that much of the humor is lukewarm and easy going and you’ve got a series that panders to the Cute Girls Doing Cute Things crowd, but offers little for anyone else.

Oh, snap!

Linny: Chidori RSC keeps things pretty chaste..for the most part. The uniforms worn for the sport aren’t drawn as extremely form fitting and there are no sleazy and unnecessarily long camera pans while the girls dress or undress. However, only one episode in and the show has already snuck in two breasts related ‘gags’. The first being how Hikari, our pint sized protagonist, is actually rather busty once her clothes come off, which makes Yukio, the Rei Ayanami stand in, feel embarrassed about being the only flat chested club member. The second is once again in regards to Hikari’s breasts but this time with Erika grabbing them to test them in disbelief. Both jokes are over in a flash but they’re there all the same. In truth there isn’t really much to criticize or praise about Chidori RSC. It falls into the perfectly average and standard quality of similar shows that feature a cast full of cute girls showing off some random sport or activity. Unless you’re someone who is particularly enticed by the cute girl cast or the rifle shooting, there really is no need to add this to your watch list this season.

Tom: Chidori isn’t terrible, nor is it all that special. Like Linny said, this is a series that sits perfectly in its comfort zone of mediocrity. It’s perfect for fans of CGDTCs, or viewers who want something to unwind with without all the bombastic comedy hoopla. Otherwise I think more general viewers are going to find Chidori RSC a tad too boring.

Take it or Leave it: Chidori RSC hits all the familiar beats for anyone simply seeking tried and true CGDCTs/Easy going slice of life.

Take it or Leave it: Chidori RSC is yet another token ‘cute girls doing cute things’ show combined with a sports club premise, making for a perfectly ‘middle of the road’ offering.















Chidori RSC is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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