Chiruran 1/2 – Preview

Chiruran 1/2:

Original Air Dates: January 9th, 2017 – ???

You mean not so silent grim reaper.

Synopsis: Strong, determined and yet adorable! It’s time for the most laid-back Shinsengumi in history! Here’s the everyday life of the Shinsengumi Warriors.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Chiruran offers up quirky, cute, amusing versions of the the Shinsengumi, some of Japan’s most famous samurai. It’s meant to be an amusing take on these classic historical characters in the same way Ninja Girl & Samurai Master is for Nobunaga and his ilk. Trouble is? This one feels a bit harder to penetrate on several counts.

Linny: The characters are drawn extremely adorable and it’s clear the appeal of the show is meant to be a combination of their chibi features and the fact that each of them have been given a very well defined nickname that lays out their personality for the viewer in a word or two such as the mad dog of the group or the sadist of the group.

How’s he supposed to know if you’ve never called it to his face?

Tom: Chiruran moves very quickly, and with a two minute run time it near suffers the same issue as Nyanko Days, giving us little more content than the most basic of introductions to its premise. There’s a few more jokes here than Nyanko Days (which had, well, none.) but I also worry too much of the humor will predicate itself on familiarity with the Shinsengumi, a group that I know of through other anime adaptations, but little actual understanding and true knowledge of. It may be a series that requires true historical knowledge to really get everything it’s offering.

Linny: As someone who has little to no knowledge of the Shinshengumi, my enjoyment of the show or even potential enjoyment of the show is close to minimum. This episode felt like an introduction round with the only main information I came away with being that one of the characters is heavily teased and bullied by one/some of the others. It still wasn’t enough information to help me decide if I wanted to keep the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if others like me ended up feeling the same.

Looks like he already did call you one.

Tom: Chiruran 1/2 is based off a manga, although I’m not terribly familiar with the source material it appears this anime adaptation is meant as a comedy spin off of Chiruran Shinsengumi Requiem, which takes its subject matter far more seriously. Based on this first episode, it might be best to take a wait and see approach. Then again, Chiruran is only two minutes in length, so it’s not like you’ll be wasting all that much time.

Linny: If you are like me and have no interest in the Shinsengumi, Chiruran might hold very limited appeal for you. On the other hand, take a look at the gifs and images and if they look appealing to you, just binge the show at the end of the season so you feel like you actually watched something instead of ending up confused like us after a whirlwind 2 minute episode.

“Take it or Leave it: If you’re looking for an amusing take on the legendary Shinsengumi Chiruran could be worth the watch, then again it’s really too early to tell.”

“Take it or Leave it: Unless you’re a die hard fan of the Shinsengumi and cute chibi comedy, Chiruran might be just another short to skip.”











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