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Original Air Dates: October 8th, 2016 – ???

Can’t decide if he looks surprised or horrified.

Synopsis: Kanae and Sosuke are two high-school students living in the suburbs of Japan where music flourishes. However just as Kanae is preparing to move and threatening to throw out Sosuke’s extra junk unless he comes and hauls it away, Kanae and Sosuke meet Beethoven and Mozart, two suspicious friends of her father who call themselves the “ClassicaLoids.” They’re complete oddballs but seem to have mysterious powers. What’s the big secret behind their powers? Are they even human? Are they a threat to mankind? Or could they be our saviors?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The art and animation in ClassicaLoid is bright and flashy, intended to grab your attention and help establish the fact that you’re in for quite a wild ride with zany characters and extremely absurd, quirky reimaginations of famous classical composers.

Tom: It’s almost terrifyingly colorful, happy go lucky sweet, a color scheme one might expect from a moe oriented show rather than, well, this. Character designs themselves go right with the decor; they’re bold and bombastic. Although when characters make faces there’s an unfortunate side effect of them looking aged instead of perturbed, like in the case of Sousuke.

How did the house survive this in show? The power of plot armor.

Linny: This episode had some of the most narcissistic, self absorbed and idiotic men I’ve encountered in anime this season. They seem to give Kanae, our female protagonist, almost no respect and ignore her completely, content to only focus on their own interests with one of those interests as dumb as trying to make gyoza without scorching it to ash. What makes the story and the men feel all the more aggravating is the fact that not a single one of them took the demolition warning seriously, as Kanae warned them multiple times that she’d sold the house and it was to be demolished, and one of them even has the nerve to question Kanae’s decision to sell off the house when it’s clear that she is struggling to pay off the debts incurred by her father.

Tom: It’s kinda incredible how unlikable the three of them are, their writing feeling like a complete lack of awareness for how uncouth and unappealing their self-centered nature is. They’re incredibly obnoxious as they have such single minded attention for their own interests and zero care for anything going on around them. It’d be one thing if any of three picked up on how Kanae is depressed over her inability to have thrown her grandmother a ball before her passing, or perhaps showed an interest in trying to do something about the situation, but none of the three respond until their own interests are put directly in jeopardy. Kanae is just about the only character to like here and a one out of four ratio isn’t enough.

Linny: Kanae herself seems like someone that could easily earn the sympathy of the audience as we watch her have to take on responsibility all by herself. She’s stuck in a bad situation that was actually brought about by someone else. Watching her reminisce about all the happy memories she made with her grandmother in the house she is now forced to sell to survive makes for a touching series of flashbacks.

Well it is her house and she did email you about it over a month ago.

Tom: Classicaloid kinda does a bait and switch. The story seems to be going one way, focused on Kanae and having to deal with these freeloaders and their absurd personas hosted onto her by her overseas father. But in the episode’s final moments, we discover a hell of a lot more going on, super musical powers, with talk of escaped ‘ClassicaLoids’, secret organizations, etc. It comes out of nowhere and only adds to the chaos. For some, that sudden addition of more fantasy styled elements might be appealing, but if you find yourself already struggling to enjoy the series as is, it doesn’t add anything to the mix.

Linny: The chaotic and larger than life vibe of ClassicaLoid is introduced from the very beginning with it’s rather unique non vocal, visual only opening sequence. It’s extremely flashy and sets the mood of the show from the get go. Then things settle down of sorts as we deal with Kanae’s struggles to evacuate her unwanted house guests, but once the demolition of the house begins, it’s insanity all over again. If you thought the idea of a construction crew giving you just a day’s warning before demolition to be ridiculous, wait till the giant musical organ in the house transforms into a magical girl robot and the wrecking ball vehicles merge into a mech and start waltzing with each other. The episode never seems to take anything seriously, which is fine as it would have clashed too much with how absurd everything and everyone else is. However, this also means that should or when the show does get sombre, it’s going to have to really sell it for the audience to buy it after being treating to waltzing wrecking balls.

Yes this is is musical organ turned magical girl.

Tom: Classicaloid isn’t for me. It’s too spastic, too focused on the quirky with no regard for the greater implications of its male characters attitude or relation to Kanae overall. It’s focus this episode has been on introducing its cast, none of whom I really enjoyed, and the twists and elements thrown in the final moments did nothing to alleviate my dislike for them.

Linny: ClassicaLoid’s self centred male cast might be its biggest drawback along with its chaotic vibe. While there are plenty of shows that have utilized both these elements well, ClassicaLoid might have overdone it and put just a little bit too much of both in its premiere. However, if you do enjoy the idea of a really zany take on classic musical geniuses with mysterious powers that are yet to be explained and are stubbornly self absorbed for the sake of comedy, you might just be won over. The ending of the episode did tease some sinister plot and meaning behind all the zaniness in this episode, which is something that could pique your curiosity even further should the characters and visuals win you over.

Tom Not Recommend Badge

“Not Recommended: ClassicaLoid struggles to develop a likable cast, unless you enjoy spastic characters concerned with no one but themselves and their own desires.”

Linny TiolI Art Badge

“Take It or Leave It: ClassicaLoid’s absurd reinvention of classical music legend based characters in present day might appeal to those who like their shows with an extra dose of insanity.”












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