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Synopsis: Yuge Itsuki and Konatsuki Mahiru are just your average high school students. However, when Mahiru discovers she’s pregnant, and seeks to confide in Itsuki, the two suddenly find themselves transported to another world. There Itsuki discovers he’s the soul savior of this other world, and he’s got to bed twelve maidens to do it!?

But you’re in an anime so that’s going to change real soon.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Conception starts off crazy. Opening with red silhouettes of nude and muscular ladies to then immediately moving onto a scene between our male protagonist, Itsuki and a female classmate, Mahiru who happens to be his cousin telling him that she’s pregnant. He’s shocked when she claims he’s the father but once she explains that she was only joking, he immediately takes it all in stride, even going so far as to make it clear that he has no interest in the identity of the true father. Next thing you know, a portal opens up and the two of them are sucked into a dungeon like area. All of these events take place so quickly and in such a haphazard manner that most viewers will experience whiplash, struggling to become absorbed in what feels like a really bad mix of the most random elements.

Tom: That entire opening sequence is confusing. From poor direction, awful dialogue, terrible delivery, to simply bland characterization. By the time Itsuki and Mahiru are both transported to another world you should be attached to these two, yet they both remain so distant and unrelatable that the immediate threat to their lives feels terribly uninteresting. It doesn’t help that everything here is depicted with animation that never looks great. It’s lackluster the whole way through. Conception is based off the Video Game of the same name, a Japan only title that never saw release in the west. Although its sequel did. What’s here feels like one of the laziest video game to anime adaptations. It’s so bare bones that at times one might almost believe they simply lifted the game’s introductory section and plopped it into the anime. We meet the entire harem Itsuki will be romancing through flashy card art intros and much of the show’s mechanics are explained in long winding passages of exposition, leaving no room for character exploration. This keeps both Itsuki and Mahiru as bland and dry as when we met them.


Linny: One probably won’t be surprised to discover that a show titled ‘Conception’ has sexual intercourse as a main point of its plot. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s a fair amount of fan service to boot. It’s not as egregious as other smutty anime..for now. There aren’t that many bouncing bosoms or panty shots this episode but there is a LOT of naked silhouettes and lengthy discussions of the hero having to procreate with several different girls ALL TO SAVE A NATION… so basically a male teenager’s wet dream. Conception, however, fails on so many levels. As a video game adaptation, it’s lazy and uninspired with so many of the segments feeling less like a polished story and more like lazy video game screen captures.The characters are wafer thin and poorly set up. And as far as smutty content goes, either you will be offended or you’ll want something more explicit, so in conclusion, avoid Conception, unless you enjoy laughing at poorly done anime and watching them for ironic reasons.

Tom: Because this episode is near dedicated to explaining the mechanics of the world, and what little premise there is, the whole thing comes off as a boring watch. The only thing the series has going for it is that periodic fan service Linny mentions, but even that feels lame compared to other ecchi/harem offerings that are far better at tantalizing the horny male teen demographic. Conception, whether you’re into harems or not, is another easy pass for the Fall season.

Not Recommended: Conception’s anime adaptation for the game of the same name feels extremely low effort, with poor writing and bland visuals. It’s best left to die-hards of the video game franchise.

Not Recommended: The anime adaptation of Conception contains wafer thin characters and laughably poor execution with smut that will either offend or disappoint viewers.
















Conception is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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