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Crane Game Girls:

Original Air Dates: April 6th, 2016 – ???

Kids are the future, ma’am.

Synopsis: Sayo, a member of a shadowy organization is informed by her boss that an asteroid is on its way to the Earth and if allowed to strike, would doom humanity to destruction. With no other options, Sayo must seek out the three girls her boss marks as being the only people who can save the earth: Mirai, Ayaka and Kyoko. With no other recourse, Sayo begins transforming these three average girls, who want to be idols, into saviors of the world by taking them to an arcade for training.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The most noticeable feature of CGG is that it has a markedly stop motion animation look, which makes it stand out from standard anime, but is most likely going to turn off people who dislike stop motion. The girls are all drawn to look like they’re in a constant state of chibi, with rounded facial features and shapes, which could further influence your enjoyment of the show with how different it all looks.

Tom: CGG’s animation immediately made me think of South Park…. and the comparison kind of ends there because CGG doesn’t even come close. We’re treated to a bunch of super moe girls who are all a bit ditsy, yet determined in their goals. As characters that’s about all we really get with them. Which is fine, as anime shorts like this rely far more on how much humor they can provide over character substance.

You say Why, I say Why not.

Linny: Being limited to 5 minutes an episode, the girls fail to really establish themselves as particularly outstanding. Even for moe fan magnets, they are too standard and generic; with the optimist, the clutz and the restrained, presumably intelligent one. The Gorilla character is the most unique in the series and even the girl’s mentor, Miss Fox seems slated to be no more than an information dispersion unit.

Tom: The set up is quite hilarious, these three nobody girls are supposed to save the world from a meteor? But everything after that just couldn’t match the premise’ hilarity and I really can’t see myself revisiting this show, not when the animation isn’t even all that great to look at.

Linny: Is this show just Japan being Japan or an attempt to attract fans of moe and crane games? Either way, there’s sadly not enough of such fans in America to ensure this show gets a good western following.


Tom: Crane Game Girls is an original animation by Kyotoma who haven’t done much besides help with JK Meshi! briefly. It’s clearly meant to be a short, quirky, fun little comedy, but the humor just isn’t where it needs to be. Right now it’s just a waste of five perfectly good minutes.

Linny: Crane Game Girls has a wacky premise and a cute girl cast, things that have potential but sadly the animation style and quality alone is enough to make this show a hardsell. It doesn’t help that crane games are definitely not as popular in the western hemisphere and the show just doesn’t have enough substance to become a worthwhile watch.

Tom Not Recommended Art

“Not Recommended: Crane Game Girls has an amusing premise, but the rest falls flat and isn’t aided by its simplistic animation.”

Linny Not Recommend Badge

“Not Recommended: Cute girls and a wacky premise fail to make CGG a fun watch thanks to a lack of good jokes and an unusual animation style.”











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