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Crossing Time – Anime Preview

Synopsis: “Clank, clank, clank, clank…” Today, the railroad crossing bar goes down again, stopping someone on their way somewhere. The various stories of youth, eros, art, first love, etc that occur during the time spent waiting at a railroad crossing… All railroad crossings, all the time. Bringing you a variety of short stories about railroad crossings! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

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1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: I went into Crossing Time expecting not much more than another mediocre short either trying to do too much or too little. Instead, Crossing Time feels like one of the few short-form anime that may understand the limitations of the format and how to work in the confines of less than five minutes. What’s here is surprisingly fun and impressively sweet.

Linny: Crossing Time’s first episode plays out not only sweet but also very socially progressive. Focused on two high school girls standing at a train crossing, waiting for the incoming train to pass by, it reveals an unrequited lesbian crush but plays the entire matter with nothing but class and taste, treating it with all the innocence and cuteness of young love. Both girls involved are kind and understanding of each other even though the attraction may only be one sided. It even features a moment where one girl makes a generalized heterosexual statement and when corrected, acknowledges her mistake further boosting the socially progressive vibe of the episode.

Tom: The series looks to be a semi-anthology, focused on little vignettes with different characters each week, although both girls shown in the first episode look to be potential mainstays/reoccurring leads.

Progressive characters in anime FTW!

Linny: As Crossing Time is a short form anime based on short stories, it shouldn’t shock people to find out that the animation quality is a bit basic. It starts off with credits that are primarily still images of railroad crossings with the only animation being the blinking lights of the intersection. But because the story it tells is so cute, it’s easy to overlook the average animation which isn’t necessarily horrid, just not top tier. If you’ve been looking for a short form anime that rises past being just a completely mundane slice of life or 4 koma like comedy, you should check out Crossing Time.

Tom: Since episode 2 may not even feature the same characters, I’m perhaps a bit antsy to give it a truly glowing recommendation. Next week could feature an entirely different set of characters, written not nearly as well. But assuming the quality holds, the endearing nature endures, Crossing Time looks to be one of the best Spring shorts amongst a crop of otherwise mediocre offerings.

Recommended: Crossing Time seems sweet and to the point, making it one of the few short form anime that understands how best to utilize a sub-five minute run time.

Recommended: Crossing Time’s premiere episode features a tasteful interaction about same sex attraction making for a cute and progressive short.














Crossing Time is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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