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Daily Lives of High School Boys – Review

Daily Lives of High School Boys:

Original Air Dates: January 9th, 2012 – March 26th, 2012

Get with the programme, bro.

Synopsis: Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake are your ‘average’ high school boys. Along with the rest of the kids in their class, and girls from a neighboring all girls school, we fellow them as they go about their less than average every day lives all while dealing with both classic, and not so classic problems of blooming adolescence.

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Daily Lives isn’t some serialized tale about boys experiencing your average every day high school lives. Instead it’s a sketch comedy show, with brief snippets of the crazier daily troubles these boys and girls find themselves in. There’s a number of running gags but for the most part every little story is self-contained allowing for viewers to jump right in at any point during the series. The humor itself can be very out there at times, eliciting laughs less for the jokes and more for the sheer absurdity of the events unfolding on screen before you. Like most sketch comedy anime there’s going to be a lot of hit or miss as to whether the humor works for you. However more often than not Daily Lives will shine through.

Linny: As the title states, this is an anime that ‘documents’ the everyday lives of high school boys. Consisting of roughly 5 minute shorts, it is a gag filled show and has no season long arc to speak of. It instead shows us little snippets of the crazy acts and happenings that occur in the lives of our three male protagonists (along with the numerous other people that pop in and out) from acting out a scenario on how to get a girlfriend to playing rpgs upon finding a stick on the ground. They even manage to fill the eye catches/sponser announcements with gags as well as the after credits with skits involving the high school girls. If you want to watch a quirky whirlpool of gags, full of “wtfs” this is the show for you. THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE SHOWS AND I COMMAND YOU TO WATCH IT!!!..and if that doesn’t work, PRETTY PLEASE, with a cherry on top?

Can we get some PRIVACY? We’re changing in here.

Tom: Daily Lives has a much larger cast of characters than Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake. In fact sometimes Daily Lives doesn’t even include the daily lives of these three, instead opting to follow side or additional characters for several sketches at a time. It’s such a large cast that you’ll be hard pressed to really remember any names, but that doesn’t stop the humor and comedy from sticking with you long past your viewing experience. Viewers who’d prefer a main character to latch onto, like Umaru-chan or Tomoko, might be disappointed. But if all you’re looking for is a good laugh, and don’t mind the inconsistent cast then Daily Lives really does have the absurdest humor to back that all up.

Linny: My favourite skits are the ones involving “Literary Girl,” later identified as Yassan. If you would like to see a romance involving a book-loving nerdy girl go oh-so-terribly-yet-hilariously wrong, you will jump with glee and anticipation each time she appears. Tadakuni is the poor soul who I must say seems to have chosen some weird best friends and plays right into their hands each and every time with “lol” worthy results. It’s charming and endearing to see this nice guy fall into trouble again and again despite his best intentions. He does manage to get in a little bit of revenge every now and then, often without meaning to. Hidenori, the glasses-wearing mischief maker, seems to be the instigator of all the mini disasters and together with Yoshitake, they are the nightmare that Tadakuni has to deal with. However, the three of them have a  friendship that I feel anyone would be jealous of.

Tis the first sign of the apocalypse upon us!

Tom: Normally when I go for comedy anime, unless the dub is awful, I prefer them in English, allowing the jokes to land through the actors and less so through the text on screen. Unfortunately no company ever came to appreciate Daily Lives enough to dub it. Thankfully much of Daily Lives humor bridges the language barrier and works subtitled. Switching gears, the animation is rather simplistic and nothing too memorable, but Daily Lives writing is strong enough, and hilarious enough, that it doesn’t matter too much if Daily Lives doesn’t leave a lasting impression visually. That said, you’ll also never see any terrible dips in quality that stand out as blotches on an otherwise rip-roaring show.

Linny: I do feel like in some places the animators got a little lazy with the backgrounds but it doesn’t present much of an issue as all the attention is focused on the characters anyway.

When a cute girl catches you doing something dumb, so you just pretend to be statues.

Tom: Daily Lives is a great anime for a quick sit down with friends, assuming they appreciate the more absurd nature of its humor. It’s not the kind of show you can bring just anyone in on and makes for a poor introduction to anime if the viewer doesn’t happen to share this taste in comedy. But if you’re into absurd humor Daily Lives is perfect, providing ample doses of quirky jokes that could never shine in any other medium outside of anime and animation.

Linny: Stop reading and go watch the show already!! But in all seriousness, give this show a watch if you would like to catch a glimpse of the crazy anime take on the hijinks of high school kids.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: Daily Lives is a superb comedy that deserves more attention from the anime fandom for its wonderfully quirky attitude and high levels of absurdity.”

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“Recommended: Quirky, random and just the tiniest dash of heartwarming moments make this anime a worthwhile experience.”












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