DAKAICHI -I’m Being Harassed By The Sexiest Man Of The Year- – Anime Preview

Synopsis: “The veteran actor who has held the title of “”Most Desirable Bachelor”” for 5 years in a row, Takato Saijyo, and the up and coming actor who recently dethroned him, Junta Azumaya. Enter the cut throat world of the entertainment industry, where the two most desirable bachelors find themselves in a forbidden scandal. The biggest scandal of 2018 is about to unfold! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Someone just had their sexual orientation awakening.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Dakaichi’s basic premise is fine. A high on himself movie star finds himself usurped by younger talent, who turns out to have the hots for him. More gay romance is always great as its such a under utilized niche. The problem stems from the episode veering quite quickly into non-consensual sex/rape territory. Overcome by his lust for Takato, Junta, the new up and comer, attacks Takato in the bedroom after Takato assumes Junta is trying to blackmail him and offers to “do anything” not yet realizing that literally ‘anything’ is what’s on the table.

Linny: While I welcome Daikichi for adding to the sparse offering of same sex romances in media, what I find disappointing is that like all tired cliche fictional romances, straight and same sex, this relationship starts off very aggressive and one sided to the point where it borders on offensive and worse. Thankfully, the relationship turns consensual quickly and one could overlook that shaky start as media being media and leaning into cliches but it still sits as a black mark for audiences who disapprove and dislike depictions of extremely aggressive sexual advances.It’s hard to brush off a romance that starts with one of them running away in clear horror and trying to lock themselves in the bathroom and the other responding by saying all of this is only turning them on more. Given the eternal struggle regarding enforcing consent in real life, this scene is one that made me extremely uncomfortable and might do the same for others.

You don’t say!

Tom: Ultimately, for as uncomfortable as that near rape scene is (even if played for laughs), Dakaichi sidesteps the controversy by quickly resetting Takato and Junta’s relationship as consensual. I don’t know that it washes the taste of that tasteless scene out entirely, but I think if the series can avoid doing something like that again this could become a more positive depiction of gay romance. The rest of the episode is fine, and works quite well, but that one scene really puts a damper on my interest to delve further.

Linny: DAKAICHI sticks to standard cliches for better or worse. It has that very controversial start but it also then bows down to less offensive and more cherished cliches like the eternal games between potential lovers. The newly sexually ‘awakened’ man struggling with his new found attraction for another man who he considers his rival, the younger rival confidently and happily teasing his flustered senior, so on and so forth. If you’re a diehard fan of such romantic tropes, by all means dive right in. Just be aware that the start of the ‘relationship’ could be potentially upsetting.

Take it or Leave it: Despite an uncomfortable, near rape sequence early on, Dakaichi resets, focusing on the forbidden love between two attractive male TV stars and feels like it could become a more positive depiction of same sex relationships.

Take it or Leave it: DAKAICHI is a welcome addition to making same sex relationships more present in anime but it employs a rather controversial start to its love story.















DAKAICHI -I’m Being Harassed By The Sexiest Man Of The Year- is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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