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Synopsis: Ani is a hardworking, realistic and strong-minded princess. That’s a good thing because she will need all her skills to handle the problematic princes from Serenfaren and Midonia. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

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1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: DamePri’s first episode doesn’t do the best job of setting up its main premise and what direction the story is going to take. We do get some sense that there’s a major secret conspiracy being carried out by certain people in power, despite a peace treaty having been signed but that’s about all we get to learn about the main plot going forward.

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Tom: That’s definitely this episodes biggest flaw: We really don’t get a sense of exactly what kind of story to expect week to week. Obviously it’s about Ani dealing with the princes, but to what capacity, it’s hard to say. That said it’s more along the lines of a minor quibble. As far as introducing characters goes, this episode nails it. Each of the princes is super memorable, something I rarely find in these types of harem/romance anime. I generally remember the names of every quirky individual, Narek the self-absorbed prince who’s obsessed with how handsome he is, Teo the man servant of our main Princess, or Ruze the prince who seems to know nothing besides what his chancellor, Chron, tells him. The episode makes each of these quirky individuals very memorable, thanks to introductions that nail their personalities down with just a few lines of dialogue and memorable gags. The only character I found rather tame and unmemorable is the princess herself, Ani, who seems to have retained a self-insert persona from the Otome Game this is based off of.

Linny: DamePri definitely does a superb job of introducing and making its princes memorable, giving them eye catching designs that are aimed at wooing a female or gay audience. Though the princes and other male cast members’ personalities/quirks may seem one note for now, Damepri portrays them in an over the top manner making them all the more memorable and entertaining.

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Tom: While DamePri Anime Caravan has passable, but not exemplary animation, it still manages to provide a very entertaining 23-minutes. That’s largely due to how wacky and lovable the princes’ personas are. I went into this series expecting to hate it, seeing as it’s something more aimed at girls who are looking to fawn over the devilishly handsome princes. Ultimately however the series contains a lot of charm, with characters that you kinda can’t help but love.

Linny: Looking at the cast and the visual novel origins, it’s likely that DamePri Anime Caravan is going to be a harem romance with a fair amount of comedy thrown in. What makes it stand out from other similar shows is that while the princess Ai is a bit of a blank slate, she’s also got some very down to earth and realistic responses to the over the top princes, making the comedy really pop. If you’ve been waiting for a visual novel adaptation that is flamboyant yet also somewhat grounded and filled with humorous characters, you should definitely put DamePri Anime Caravan on your watchlist this season.

“Recommended: DamePri Anime Caravan offers lovably quirky princes that elevate the series from merely an otome game adaptation to something that’s fun for all audiences.”

“Recommended: DamePri Anime Caravan manages to stand out among visual novel adaptations with its extremely lively and flamboyant characters that amuse and really leave a mark.”













DAMEPRI ANIME CARAVAN is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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