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Original Air Dates: July 2nd, 2016 – ???

And he never ever played again.

Synopsis: Tsukushi Tsukamoto has just entered high school. The poor boy has no real talent for anything, and even makes an embarrassment of himself during class introductions. However, Tsukushi’s destiny changes when one Jin Kazama invites Tsukushi to a friendly Soccer Match outside of school. There Tsukushi discovers his passion for Soccer and Jin starts to notice the endless potential and passion awaiting inside him.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Days’ animation is solid, providing colorful and vibrant visuals that make the series a joy to watch. But that’s not the real highlight here: Rather Days has a lead,  Tsukushi Tsukamoto that is super endearing as he pushes himself to extremes to help and aid others. He’s a bright eyed, bushy tailed kid who gives it his all no matter how much damage it causes him. Tsukushi’s personality and charm make him a joy to watch, and while his nice guy persona might be too overtly friendly and open for some viewers, the struggle he puts forth to aid his teammates is incredibly moving and makes a solid change from the “already perfect at the game” sports anime archetypes that litter the playing field.

Linny: Yes, his nice guy persona is a cliche but I also have to agree that in this case, it works because of his childish looks and his sincere efforts. He doesn’t break into tears constantly and seems so eager to play football with his new friend that you can’t help but cheer him on. Going from his vain blonde looks, and his description in the summary, I’d assumed Jin Kazama would be an arrogant and talented player who looks down on Tsukushi’s lack of talent. But instead, he is shown to be a nice guy who genuinely cares about Tsukushi and only gets frustrated when Tsukushi is pushing himself too hard, rather than at his lack of skill.

Tom: Jin definitely rubbed me the wrong way initially, seeming like someone trying to embarrass and throw Tsukushi in the deep end. But it’s by design, as even Tsukushi thought Jin was out to get him. As we learn Jin’s actually a fairly caring and kind individual, masked by his more quiet, contemplating demeanor. What other characters we do meet, Tsukushi’s childhood friend, and the head of the High School Soccer team, don’t get enough screen time to really help us define them. It seems like Tsukushi’s childhood friend has a secret crush on him, and that the High School Soccer Team lead is going to act as a rough antagonist for Tsukushi, but there just isn’t enough to go on yet outside of predicting archetypes.

This is why he joined, isn’t it?

Linny: Days feels like a perfect show to initiate someone who doesn’t particularly care for or even dislikes sports show especiallly if they view them as fan service for women. So far, Days seems to be focused on its characters’ determination and kindness, rather than their skills or even the game itself. No doubt, once it progresses we will be seeing a lot more football..or futsal as it’s called here but for now, it does a great job of introducing and defining its two main characters. There’s also some really cute and funny little one liners here and there that are sure to make you chuckle for those who like a dash of comedy.

Tom: What I enjoy about Days is what I enjoyed about My Hero Academia. This isn’t a series about a special young man who has some raw innate hidden talent, or some super skill that was locked inside him: This is about hard work, dedication and pushing yourself forward through drive and drive alone. I can’t stress enough with how impressed I was with Days. I’m not a sports guy, and sports anime in general isn’t anywhere close to my cup of tea. But Days hooked me from the first episode and I’m on board for the long haul now.

That’s some soundproof glass.

Linny: As someone who avoids sports anime like the plague, I’d still highly recommend Days and am so glad to find a show that changed my perception of sports themed shows. For anyone else who avoids them for being mostly fan service or game and talent showcases, Days has started out the complete opposite. Even with a main character who’s supposedly uber talented, a lot of the focus is on someone else, one who wouldn’t normally be a member of any sports team and their determination to join the team simply because they had fun playing it with their friend and want to continue to do so. Thanks to its portrayal of its characters and the focus on friendship and determination, Days might just end up as my first sports anime and a favourite of the season.

Tom: Days was a big surprise for me and I’m now eagerly awaiting the rest of this season. I’m not a soccer enthusiast, let alone interested in any sports. But for me, Days is a fun shonen, character drama that happens to revolve around Soccer. I strongly recommended this series not just to soccer fans, but to people looking for stories where good people face severe adversity and need to push through with all their passion to overcome these obstacles. 

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“Recommended: Days is a surprisingly wonderful Sports anime that has a lot more relatability than other entries within the genre.”

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“Recommended: A struggling and sincere protagonist combined with a talented, but down to earth one makes for a sports show that’s all about heart and not just fan service and innate talent.”












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