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Devil’s Line – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Half-devil Anzai uses his devil-born gifts to protect Tokyo from devil related crime. His will of never drinking human blood becomes severely tested while protecting his love, Tsukasa. Will he be able to resist the urge of his demon instincts? (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

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1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: There’s no two ways about it: Devil’s Line will hurt your eyes if you are an ardent fan of traditional manga. Its use of colour, character designs and animation will remind you of some of the recent shoddy looking Chinese animated series but it isn’t as completely ridiculous as the worst of them. What makes this presentation absolutely hilarious though is how female character’s eyes are drawn, giving them these oversized pupils that make them look like they either just shat themselves or are dealing with constant severe shock and trauma.

Tom: The lack of detail, the awful faces, and other aspects work to form this low quality presentation that feels thoroughly unimpressive. It doesn’t help that the story-telling feels haphazard and dry of engaging characterization. Tsukasa may regurgitate information concerning her past and daily life, but never once does she feel like a real person, a character we’re getting to know and eager to see more of. She’s borderline self-insert for the women in the audience. Her presentation as a lead kind of exemplifies just how messy, bland and uninteresting everything else is. It doesn’t help that beneath this muddied presentation is a story that, outside of some minor nuance, has largely been told time and again: Girl gains the attention of vampires, half-vampire saves her, he struggles with temptation as his affection for her grows.

Uh oh! I think she was just betrayed by a fart.

Linny: Good Lord is our lead girl generic and bland. Now most leads, male or female, particularly in romantic tales can be bland so as to act as self inserts for the readers/viewers but this girl takes the cake, barely ever registering any emotion or personality almost all the way till the end of the episode. All we know about her is statements made by her classmates about how she is a ‘chaste’ girl and good at taking notes. The episode is also a little lax about setting up the rules of its world and society. Though it eventually reveals that the police are fully aware of and regularly dealing with the threat of vampires, several policemen go down like completely unprepared chumps while chasing down a vampire. And normal everyday people seem to still be questioning if vampires are even a real thing when it looks like there may be some who are already working with the police to take down the more aggressive and violent ones.

That explains why this character’s eyes are barely ever open in this episode.

Tom: Despite a few, perhaps original, elements, Devil’s Line seems your generic vampire tale, with style and flair that’s hardly impressive. If you’re dying for supernatural drama and romance maybe Devil’s Line hits enough of those beats to satisfy, but in all honesty this feels like one of the least appealing shows this season.

Linny: Devil’s Line seems to want to be part vampire romance and part vampire-police hunt. While not extremely original, it has enough to probably appeal to fans of vampire stories…so long as you don’t demand stellar, top of the line animation. And it’s not just animation, Devil’s Line chooses to have some really intense and random musical cues that end up overcrowding the scene rather than elevating it. My conclusion: Devil’s Line is best viewed only by fans of Vampire stories and romance.

Not Recommended: Devil’s Line looks about as drab and uninteresting as it truly is.

Not Recommended: With uneven animation and a bland heroine, Devil’s Line seems best left for fans of Vampire based tales.















Devil’s Line is available for streaming via HIDIVE

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