Donyatsu Chapters 1-4 Review


Chapters 1-4

Reviewed by: Linny

The world is now filled with sentient skulls and donuts.

The world is now filled with sentient skulls and doughnuts.

Synopsis: Donyatsu is a doughnut shaped cat-like creature that awakens in an abandoned and crumbling Japan, the Shinjuku area to be precise. Donyatsu has no idea what has happened to the world or even who or what he is. A chance encounter with Begu, a similar creature, starts a friendship and they set off to find shelter in the ravaged city.

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

What attracted me (and hopefully you as well) to Donyatsu was the combination of its cutesy and weird creatures with the sci-fi post apocalyptic setting. It’s a bit of a mismatch and bound to make you curious  due to its sheer oddity. Everything about the story is a mystery, from its protagonist to its setting and the first four chapters are mostly set up with bits and pieces of information only raising more questions than providing answers.

The first chapter mostly deals with Donyatsu wandering the streets in confusion until he bumps into Begal, a similar creature who is just as lost as him. They both agree that they need to find a safe place to rest in and start their search. It’s a simple chapter, with not much information besides visual context, and discovering that our protagonists are almost just as clueless as we are. It really helps to establish just how bizarre everything about this story is going to be.


You were clearly cats who ate one too many doughnuts- Linny’s hypothesis so far.

The second chapter is just the two of them exploring the city further and discovering some “disturbing” facts of life, like how poop is stinky, until they finally find a castle fit for a king to rest it..or so they think. It only further cements just how stooge-like our characters are, especially Donyatsu, as he displays moronic behaviour and even more cat like qualities. If you like cute and dumb creatures, Donyatsu might just win you over with its doughnut cats.


Does that description text say toasty? What does that even mean..I’d rather not find out on second thought.

The third chapter proves their new discovery to be a place of danger, and not the haven they had hoped for. It has an amusing take on the situation and the new danger they encounter proves to be rather unique, just like our protagonists. It really helps liven up the story, which so far had just been two happy-go-lucky creatures walking through crumbling and empty ruins. Their nemesis added to the comedy of the story and while Donyatsu and Begal are in mortal peril, you cannot help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all. Just when they think all is doomed, they meet someone new who might just be their saviour, and we spend chapter 4 getting acquainted with this new mysterious benefactor, and thanking the stars that we finally have someone who might have a fighting chance of not only surviving in this world, but finding the answers to this strange new world. Baumcougar, our hero, is smart and efficient, having not only rigged up solar panels for electricity but is also using a computer to try and find answers to their predicament and the fate of the world. Sadly, Donyatsu and Begal are the complete opposite of him, with their only concern and energy being used to eat and sunbathe, and you start to worry if they’re going to hamper his plans and efforts to survive and thrive.


Setting boundaries from the very beginning, that’s the way Cougar rolls.

For answers to all the questions raised in this review, check out Donyatsu. It’s sure to delight those who enjoy slightly nonsensical settings, or those who would like to see a new take on the popular post apocalyptic genre. The story is slightly shallow and silly so far, so don’t go into it expecting great depth just yet. Even the art is rather simplistic when it comes to portraying its creatures, so don’t expect well defined characters visually either. But if you like fluffy, bumbling characters forced into a dark premise, Donyatsu might just be your jam.

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