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Donyatsu Chapters 5-8 Review Discussion


Chapters 5-8

Reviewed by: Linny

It's over 9000!!!

It’s over 9000!!!

Synopsis: Donyatsu is a doughnut shaped cat-like creature that awakens in an abandoned and crumbling Japan, the Shinjuku area to be precise. Donyatsu has no idea what has happened to the world or even who or what he is. A chance encounter with Begal, a similar creature, starts a friendship and they set off to find shelter in the ravaged city.

Chapter Synopsis (Heavy Spoilers): The daily adventures of Donyatsu, Begal and Baumgar continue as they keep trying to figure out the mysterious circumstances of their surroundings while also trying to ensure their own survival. Chapter 5 is a bit of a teaser as we are given just a little more information about the current state of the world towards the end. New cast members start joining our main characters and by the end of Chapter 6 and Chapter 8, we have two new characters, Kumacaron and Rollnya, respectively.

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

As we resume our reading, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that this story seems to be more focused on the daily lives and shenanigans of our cast than on the eerier parts of the post apocalyptic world. For those who picked this up hoping for a bizarre and dark story that happened to involved bizarre characters, the story seems to be more about its idiot protagonist. The quirky nature and design of its characters and their juxtaposition with their surroundings makes for a strange read no doubt, but so far, it will likely disappoint those who prefer a grim tone in their manga.


is this the end of Donyatsu?

Chapter 5 starts off on a tense note as we discover Donyatsu in a state of petrification, unresponsive to any and all stimuli. Just as you start to think that you may be witnessing a new and scary mystery of this new world, the story quickly gives you a rather silly explanation which completely removes any and all serious tones. But before you get too disappointed with how silly the whole issue turns out to be, we return to the whole issue of Baumgar and his efforts to get answers…which so far, seems to have been pretty much useless. So yeah, it was a disappointing return to the series for me as I personally felt that the jokes in the chapter were weak and the information that we were given didn’t really feel like much of a reveal.


Well, that explains…nothing.

In the next chapter, we are immediately introduced to a new character. This made me feel like the manga is aiming to turn into one of those series that come out with a million and one merchandise like key chains, mobile straps, gachapon prizes of its huge army of cast members. It was something I was wary of from the start seeing as these characters are clearly aimed to be weirdly cute, with their design combination of popular pastry items and cats. It also could be a sign of having lesser developed characters that require supplemental characters to maintain interest levels. Personally, the new characters seem to be adding nothing to the story besides their personality types. We have a gentle giant in Kumacaron, the bear-macaron hybrid…and a obvious tsundere in Rollnya. You could excuse the lack of real content in the story so far due to its short chapters, but it does feel frustrating to just receive random new characters while being deprived of any real information about the main mystery that kicked off the series.


Rollnya proving herself as the tsundere of the series.

Sadly for me, unless we get some real answers or development of the mysterious state of the world..or we get a character that really appeals to me within the next 4 chapters, Donyatsu is headed for the chopping block for me. If you were like me and picked up the manga hoping to see some strange creatures actively clambering to survive in a post apocalyptic ruin, you will be bored. But if you want to read a story about awkward and weird creatures having silly daily life style experiences in a ruined and abandoned city, Donyatsu should be a fulfilling read.

This seems like the most accurate representation of myself in a post apocalyptic world.

This seems like the most accurate representation of myself in a post apocalyptic world.

Have you heard of or read this series yet? If you have, then what are your impressions of it and would you fight for this manga to remain on my reading list? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the series or even what you have gathered of the series based on the two short reviews I have done on it.

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