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Eromanga-sensei – Preview


Original Air Dates: April 8th, 2017 – ???

Her expression says the complete opposite though.

Synopsis: Masamune Izumi is a light novel author despite still being in high school. Masamune has a little sister, Sagiri, a shut-in who hasn’t left her room for a whole year since their parents passed away. She forces her brother to bring her meals when she stomps the floor. Masamune wants Sagiri to leave her room, as she’s the only family he has left.

Masamune’s novel illustrator, pen name “Eromanga”, draws extremely perverted drawings, and is very reliable, half the reason for his work’s popularity. Masamune’s never met his illustrator, assuming he was just some closeted otaku. However, the truth is revealed… as his “Eromanga-sensei” is none other than his own younger sister! To add to the chaos that erupts between the siblings, a beautiful, female, best-selling shoujo manga creator becomes their rival!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Eromanga’s comedy is energetic without becoming hectic, unlike say Love Tyrant from this season. What I mean is that Eromanga’s comedy should gel well with people who like their jokes to have a lot of vivacity without going too over the top. Most of the comedy and jokes fall within the realm of reality as something that could technically happen in real life and don’t involve any supernatural elements or physical deformations.

The struggles of being in the public eye.

Tom: Eromanga is great when its jokes are flying and that’s basically how the first half of the premiere goes: One well done joke right after another. But then the episode slows for an elongated dramatic beat between Masamune and his sister, Eromanga-sensei Sagiri. Things get sappy, but not particularly deep, leaving the drama to feel very surface level for the situation. And that would be fine, but Eromanga really drags this plot point out, slowing the entire anime to a crawl.

Linny: There’s also the fact that Eromanga Sensei’s dramatic timeline seems somewhat unbelievable. Early on, Masamune, our protagonist describes how his very first meeting with his new step sister, Sagiri was at what seems to be the day his stepmother/her mother and her moved in to live with him and his father. He then says it’s the last time he ever saw her face. Later on, we find out that his sister became a complete shut in over what looks like the unexpected death of their parents. Does this mean their parents literally both died the very day his new step mother moved in? Was Masamune or Sagiri not present at the wedding of their parents?The time line is very muddy right now and makes it highly questionable how that could have been literally the only time he ever saw her face. Maybe we will receive better answers later but since this comes off as an important part of the initial set up, it needed better exposition from the start.

Gotta admire his dedication and his confidence.

Tom: Getting back to what’s good, both our leads, Masamune and Sagiri can be pretty damn funny when interacting with one another and the episode’s humor hits a pretty big high the first time in a year the two of them are interacting face to face just before we dive into that family drama. Also, outside of one off-color line, that maybe I’m just reading the wrong way, the show doesn’t seem to be going down the ‘Masamune gets with Sagiri’ pairing quite yet. There’s still plenty of time for the series to tease that, as it’s made a point that they’re not blood related, but for right now that idea doesn’t get a lot of service.

Linny: For now, it’s nice to have their relationship be almost bereft of any sexual or romantic connotations and hopefully it will remain that way. Masamune seems like a doting brother who just wants to do whats right and follow his parent’s request that he look after his sister. Sagiri seems to display zero romantic interest in him too. At worst, Sagiri might be a tsundere so heads up to anyone who has had their share of tsunderes.

This goes beyond sibling rivalry and straight up sibling loathing.

Tom: If Eromanga can keep its drama tighter, it doesn’t need to get rid of it entirely, and the comedy hitting hard and fast, then I think it could give Sakura Quest a run for its money this season as best comedy. I’m cautiously optimistic and feel it’s still one of the better offerings so far this season.

Linny: Eromanga Sensei really needs to work better on establishing and selling its drama because right now none of it is working. Thankfully, it has spades of comedy to save it and win it a fair share of fans. The character designs are adorable and fun to look at and really help to sell the cute comedy. I will be keeping my fingers crossed hoping that it fine tunes its drama and keeps on bringing its top notch comedy to the table.

“Recommended: Eromanga-Sensei has on point comedy that makes it a stand out for the season, although its drama could use some work.”

“Recommended: Eromanga-Sensei has some great comedy but needs to refine its dramatic elements.”










Eromanga-sensei is available for streaming via,, and Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel.

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