Father and Son Volume 1 Review

Father and Son:

Volume 1

Reviewed by: Linny

One of these things is not like the others.

Synopsis: You-san is a former delinquent turned single father and world history high school teacher. Thanks to his wife’s extreme ability to get lost for long periods of time, he raises his young and wild son, Shou on his own, Though this is a slice of life comedy, the situations that father and son get themselves into often defy common sense and logic.  

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

Lovers of slice of life comedies that feature a young child and father combination may have a new reason to rejoice thanks to Father and Son. Father and Son is a gag manga that has punchline and jokes smattered throughout each page, often featuring four panel sketches at the end of a chapter. For those who are familiar and fond of the genre and comedy style, there isn’t much one can say about the series that you wouldn’t have already guessed from reading its synopsis and glancing at the panels featured in this series.

Sounds like she needs a GPS chip implanted on her for her own safety.

Father and Son is definitely more comedy than tender though, with its main and only focus being to milk out as many jokes as possible from every situation, often going into the realm of ridiculous for the sake of comedy. Despite featuring a father and son, there are very few touching and sweet moments, if any throughout the first volume. The series, atleast in the first volume, is a lot more interested in exposing just how ridiculous their lives are. For example, Shou’s missing mother is missing because she apparently gets so lost, she often ends up in another country even when she was only on her way to the supermarket to buy groceries. In fact, her initial disappearance is blamed on the fact that she went to pick up Shou from daycare but never made it there, instead vanishing completely. As you can surmise, if you prefer your comedy with logic, it’s hard to swallow a often repeated joke about a woman that somehow manages to disappear for months and maybe even years at a time in this age of technology. The comedy in the series often defies logic so if you dislike absurd humour, you should pass on this series.

Fate don’t discriminate based on age.

Moving back to our main cast, Shou is your typical troublesome but adorable rascal…think along the lines of Dennis the Menace if you’re old enough to remember that series. He’s definitely a lot more rambunctious and destructive when compared to say other well known kids in anime and manga like Naru from Barakamon. He can be surprisingly and amusingly odd and mature in some case, spouting lines you wouldn’t expect from a child or delightfully misinterpreting things in the way only a young child can. His naivety and enthusiasm for life and fun make him charming even though most readers will be happy or hoping that they do not end up with a kid like him.

It may not be the best plan but it is A plan.

On the other hand, You-san may initially come off as a mild mannered and caring father, but he quickly reveals his own delinquent past and manner that he has managed to subdue in his adult years but is clearly still lurking within him. This fact is often used for comedy as well and for those initially worried about this poor father stuck raising a kid who’s a handful, it lets you know that You-san can definitely hold his own.

Father and Son features a wide cast of supporting characters and most of them do manage to leave a mark for their quirky or familiar personalities such as the daycare instructor who’s often bemoaning her single status or ending up in awkward situations thanks to Shou or the weird neighbour that Shou ends up befriending, or even You’s friend from highschool who now owns and runs a bakery and is clearly infatuated with him to this day. You may not remember their names but you will definitely remember their characters.

Don’t knock the poor kid for trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

Father and Son is definitely an amusing read for anyone fond of the type of comedy it provides. If you found yourself chuckling or smiling at the featured panels in this review, I would advise you to read the manga which just happens to be a simulpub on Crunchyroll, thus helping you get access to the most recent and officially translated chapters ASAP. If you’ve read similar gag manga, you should already have an idea of what this one will read like. Unless you are sick of the somewhat common punchlines and absurd humour, Father and Son should be an amusing read even if it isn’t the best gag manga you have ever read. Even if you’ve never read gag manga before, if you enjoy cute and rambunctious fictional child characters, Father and Son should be a fun read. I would only say that you avoid this manga if you are tired of or do not enjoy the kid-father comedy trope or absurd gag manga in general. For those days when you just want to laze around, not have to think too hard and have a few giggles, Father and Son is definitely one of the best candidates from Crunchyroll’s current manga line up.

Father and Son is available digitally via Crunchyroll.com.

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