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Frame Arms Girl:

Original Air Dates: April 3rd, 2017 – ???

Is that drone going to be okay?

Synopsis: Gennai Ao is a ditsy airhead going to school on her own with her parents overseas. When she receives a package, which she assumes is from her father, she’s introduced to Gourai, a Frame Arms Girl: a small robot capable of independent thought and movement. Gourai is a brand new prototype, equipped with an ‘Artificial Self,” advanced AI giving her a unique and growing personality. Alongside Ao and her burgeoning guidance, Gourai begins to gather both battle data and emotions as she starts a day-to-day life with Ao, who herself is only just learning all there is to learn about the Frame Arms Girls.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Frame Arms Girl has solid, crisp 2D animation mixed with what is likely to be very divisive 3D animation used to depict all the action figure sized Frame Arms Girl as well as their battle arenas and gear. Personally? I think it works, with enough blending to make it passable, even if the two are clearly separate forms of animation.

Not crushing it would be one answer.

Linny: The use of CGI is definitely evident and while it isn’t the worst, it isn’t going to win over any CGI hater either. As someone who doesn’t have any interest in building plastic anime models, Frame Arm Girl’s first episode came off as a thinly veiled ad merely claiming to be a show. It felt extremely ridiculous to watch and listen to Gourai sing the praises of a particular nipper brand like it was mana from heaven and then give serious instructions on how to put together her parts.

Tom: While Frame Arms Girl is clearly what amounts to an extended commercial for this burgeoning line of figures (which seem to be quite popular in Japan.) I actually think there’s a lot of fun to be had. The premiere has a ‘stupid’ charm to it that makes the whole thing feel oddly enjoyable. It’s not great, but there’s something really entertaining to me as we watch Ao, our airhead main character, gradually learn about this sentient line of action figures and is instructed in the most mundane of activities like snipper clipping out the plastic components of the girl’s gear.

If only all plastic models helped you with their assembly.

Linny: It’s another case of protagonists being dumbed down so that the show can give extremely basic exposition under the guise of helping the protagonist understand. However, there’s a limit to how idiotic a character can be and watching Ao go on as a complete simpleton makes for a quite a trial if you haven’t been won over by the show’s other elements. Heck, even the Frame Arms Girls introduced later on show more personality and brains than her.

Tom: Ao is a simpleton, an airhead, and lacks in anything resembling a normal human being’s attention span. But in some ways that’s a fun introduction to the series, giving ample opportunity for the series to explain all its concepts. That said, even for someone who enjoyed Ao in this first episode, I could see it getting boring if she doesn’t wise up soon. As characterization goes there isn’t much else to say. While we’re introduced to three Frame Arms Girls here, including Gourai, the main unit, none of them stand out. They’re given basic personality archetypes: Gourai is stoic, another is feisty and one is lazy and sleepy. Outside of that they feel pretty plain and uninteresting, making characterization the show’s biggest deficit.

A loaded question!

Linny: Even if you’ve never had any interest in plastic models, or in the Frame Arm Girls figures themselves, you MAY somehow still enjoy this show if you watch it as a comedy. Guffaw at the show’s shameless self promotion and watch it to be ironic. This show isn’t complete thrash, it just has a very specific audience, one that can find amusement in watching the frame arm girls battle, and be instructed on how to handle and construct them. Most of you should be able to determine if this show is for you or not simply based on whether you give two figs about plastic kits or not. I’d also like to mention that the show is a ‘little’ fan service-y as the opening credit shot literally flashes you Gourai’s panties and even though her charging point is located in an innocent spot, Gourai does let out a very sexual moan/gasp when the plug is inserted.

Tom: Frame Arms Girl isn’t great. It’s not highbrow or well crafted entertainment. But it is has a certain charm to it. It’s a stupid fun show and that’s all it really needs to be for me. As long as Ao isn’t too dumb, but idiotic enough for a chuckle or two, and we’re introduced to a bunch more Frame Arms Girls alongside overly thorough explanations for mundane aspects of the figure line, I could see this being fun in a similar way to Kantai Collection or Gundam Build Fighters.

“Recommended: Frame Arms Girl may be what is essentially an extended commercial for this moe combat figure line, but it has a stupid fun charm to it.”

“Not recommended: Frame Arm Girls’ premiere episode should have been labelled ‘Constructing Plastic Model Kits for Dummies’.”











Frame Arms Girl is available for streaming via The Anime Network

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