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Gabriel DropOut:

Original Air Dates: January 9th, 2017 – ???

Someone’s way too serious about dying in a video game.

Synopsis: Gabriel White Tenma was an angel at the top of her class in angel school. Having graduated with high marks, she descended to the human world to learn about us and bring good nature to our world. Trouble is once she got a taste of life in the human world, it corrupted her. Gabriel is now a self-indulgent, skipping school, absorbed in video games “NEET.” That goal of making the world a better place? Yeah, not happening.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Gabriel DropOut works under a simple subversion of expectations, best exemplified with its title character, Gabriel herself. Angels are good? What if they were easily corruptible by our wealth of media and became horrid, uncaring beings obsessed with gaming and no interest in living as an active member of society? That’s the entire essence of Gabriel’s character, and while that through line of comedy is indeed amusing, much of the humor doesn’t extend past the most obvious of implications. Gabriel is a potentially fun character, but right now she offers little more than being lovable trash.

Linny: Gabriel gives off strong Umaru vibes to me in that they both have long blonde hair and turn into messy, lazy game obsessed freaks when at home. It’s not like the show is a rip off as there are major differences but those familiar with Umaru might feel a bit of deja vu here and there.

Pretty honest for a demon.

Tom: Gabriel’s simplistic subversion of expectations extends beyond its main character and to the rest of the cast. For example Vignette is a demon who often berates Gabriel for her slovenly ways, where as she is always on time, clean, and hard working. Again, fun subversion, but the show so far hasn’t much beyond the most obvious lines of humor one might expect. The one character who shines through this is Satania, whose comedy isn’t much more original than the rest, but her reactions to situations, and her adherence to the illusion that she’s a masterful demon, are to die for and easily make her the standout.

Linny: The first episode introduces a lot of demons who are apparently in the same class as Gabriel and even friends with her but hasn’t yet explained why or how this came to be so. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s unclear for now if the show wants the user to surmise on their own that demons have a similar system to angels about a life on earth for training purposes. It’s also unexplained how and why these demons came to befriend Gabriel specifically but maybe we’ll get explanations as the story continues. Like Tom, I too find Satania to be the star of the show as her outlandish reactions to situations may be tropey but remain fun nonetheless.

Tom: Because we’re offered nothing more than the most obvious and simple subversions of our expectations, Gabriel DropOut can feel a bit slow. There’s a clever joke here or there that’ll surprise you, or at least have you grinning, but much of the show’s humor hinges so significantly on that subversion, and clings so tightly to it that it doesn’t always offer much in the way of originality. That’s not the worst thing in the world, but comedy so often hinges on shock value, catching viewers off guard, which means Gabriel DropOut feels a tad lacking.

Linny: Gabriel Dropout is a simple comedy that could do better but isn’t the worst either. Its humour isn’t the most unique but it delivers enough grins that most comedy fans should be able to enjoy it as a light watch. The cute female cast and their hyperactive and over the top hi-jinx are the main selling point and while the show isn’t moe bait exactly, it does seem aimed at an audience who enjoys similar content.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Tom: Gabriel DropOut isn’t bad, we’ve been extremely negative on it, but the ground work is there for it to really improve over the season, if it so chooses. It needs to take what it’s doing with Satania’s character and extend it to the rest of the cast, allowing them to have more over the top reactions, more personality with their subversions, and perhaps even throw in some really clever twists that’ll liven things up. I’m cautiously optimistic that Gabriel DropOut can match what Umaru-chan offered back in 2015. It’ll never be an amazing show, but it could be a damn fun one.

Linny: Despite all our negativity in this preview, I would definitely still recommend Gabriel DropOut to anyone who wants a quick, easy laugh. It isn’t for anyone looking for something innovative in terms of comedy but it covers enough of the basics to produce a chuckle or two for everyone else. I don’t have high expectations for the show but it has enough to be a good, fun watch.

“Recommended: I’m cautiously recommending Gabriel DropOut, as it has the makings to eventually become 2017’s Umaru-chan, assuming it can offer a bit more unexpected comedy.”

“Recommended: Gabriel DropOut has enough laughs in it to be a fun watch but isn’t terribly innovative.”














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