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Synopsis: In a future where most of humanity has perished, two young girls explore the ruins of civilization looking for food and fuel.  (Official Anime Strike Synopsis)

Not with you two right out there.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The first thing you notice about the character design of Girl’s Last Tour is that the adorable moe girls have extremely large pupils, even by anime standards and their other facial features seem a lot less prominent in a lot of the far away shots. Their faces are also a lot rounder than the average, which gives the show a signature look that should leave an impression on audiences. Though on a personal note, I found them somewhat distracting and not all that appealing.

Tom: I personally didn’t have  an issue with the character designs. They’re generally cute, if perhaps a bit unusual at times. That said, my bigger issue sits with the heavy use of CGI for the girls and their vehicle during longer shots. While it works for their tractor bike, the girls just don’t look right, making for an exceedingly jarring experience.

So good, it’s making your face melt downwards.

Linny: Our two girls themselves are somewhat peculiar, one way more so than the other. Yuuri, the spastic blonde girl, is undeniably the weird one as she is shown literally swallowing and sucking on her friend, Chi’s fist while fast asleep. Yuuri gets even more weird later on, when she pulls a gun on Chi out of the blue simply because she wants the last piece of chocolate flavoured ration in the packet. She does this with complete seriousness, as if this is a matter of life and death even though it truly isn’t. It’s a drastic change away from the more laid back tone. What makes them and the episode itself all the more strange is that the situation is diffused in the blink of an eye with a semi-playful beat down followed by the girls laying together like nothing bad ever happened in the first place.

Tom: Yuuri is weird, without a doubt. Chi is the easier girl to sympathize with. In part that’s due to her more reserved, pragmatic characterization. The trouble with Yuuri really is her lose cannon attitude, which perhaps strays a tad too far when the show attempts some of the dark humor Linny discussed above. But I think the story has potential. Two girls surviving in a war-torn, desolate land where everyone else is dead. It’s an atmosphere rife with possibility, although in all honesty Girls’ Last Tour mostly produces moe targeted content in this first episode. The girls primarily do things in a cute fashion, making Girls’ Last Tour feel dangerously like a ‘cute girls doing cute things’ moe affair, just with a drastic change away from the usual scenery.

Linny: Despite the bleak and dismal setting, it’s true that the episode almost feels like just another iteration of moe girls doing moe things. The episode had a generally laid back vibe, in spite of the apocalyptic setting. Everywhere the girls go is abandoned and covered in snow. They seem to have complete freedom to explore with no fear of man or animals. So far, Girl’s Last Tour seems to truly be devoted on showcasing the girls’ daily activities and experiences and the only explanation given for the condition of the world is a couple of visual flashbacks.

It’s a sad, sad world when chocolate becomes an unknown entity.

Tom: Despite my quibbles, the all too brief moments of introspection on the human condition, and the more sober notes about living in a war-torn, desolate world, give me some hope that the series isn’t all moe. I think the moe works, but only if it’s wrapped with something else. I’m willing to give the series the benefit of the doubt and I’ll put myself out on a limb saying it’s worth your time (and maybe I’ll end up eating my words in six weeks.)

Linny: I’m honestly having trouble figuring out Girls’ Last Tour. The apocalyptic setting seems to be exactly and only that, aka the setting for the story and nothing more. The girls are the focus of the show and they are some strange creatures indeed. While Chi could potentially be liked by viewers for her level headed approach to the situation, Yuuri’s dangerous gun embracing behaviour, combined with her oddball tendencies make her an unlikable enigma. I’d cautiously recommend this show to fans of moe who like the sound of an abandoned and empty world inhabited by two lone moe girls. Or maybe if you’re intrigued by the eccentricities described in this review. To everyone else, maybe wait for a mid series review or complete review to decide if you should watch/binge this.


“Recommended: Girls’ Last Tour’s start may be a tad moe heavy, but oozes with potential for something greater.”

“Take it or Leave it: Girls’ Last Tour starts off feeling like a slice of life about eccentric moe girls trying to survive an empty, post apocalyptic world.”













Girls’ Last Tour is available for streaming via Anime Strike.

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