Haikyu!! Season 3 Preview

Haikyuu!!: Karasuno High vs Shiratorizawa Academy

Original Air Dates: Oct 8, 2016 to ???

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Synopsis: Season 3 picks up right after last season, immediately cutting to the boys preparing to face off against Shiratorizawa Academy’s team for the right to represent their prefecture in the National championship. As the boys prepare to face off their toughest opponents yet, will they soar in victory or will they face bitter defeat when pitted against the six time champions team?

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Haikyu!! jumps right back into the heat as we start off with the boys at the venue for their final match. This is one of the most exciting moments of the story so far and a exciting start to the new season. What really sells the continuity of the episode is seeing Daichi still bearing bruises from his last match in season 2, there to remind us that all of that took place recently and negating all the waiting period in between seasons. It’s also a great reminder of all that the team members went through to win their last match. Speaking of them, Nishinoya and Tanaka steal the show this episode as they continue to be their silly girl obsessed selves and launch into their fantasies literally on the way to the match, It’s a funny moment, one that is sure to get fans of the characters worked up and the audience in stitches. We also finally get a more intimate look at the Shiratorizawa team members who all seem rather interesting, both from their physical appearances and their personality. This first episode is already focused on a determined new member of the team who seems eager to be a worthy ace successor for the current and seeks his approval. There definitely are some rather crazy looking personalities in the team and the match starts off on a most intense and intimidating tone which really fits the fact that Shiratorizawa is lauded as the top team of the prefecture and lets the audience know they are in for one hell of a showdown.

Never change, Noya and Tanaka!

This episode also finally confirms what most viewers suspected or knew all along, that Yui has a crush on Daichi, which introduces a romance angle that had been mostly absent in the show up until this season. The animation in the show is as tight as ever, though for now, as the match and show has only just begun, it will take a couple more episodes to tell if the animation will hold up all the way through. For now, no expenses are speared and every special scene like a fantasy sequence and the match itself get special attention, bringing back to life on the screen everything that fans have loved about the series so far.
There had been some complaints from fans about the odd episode count of this season. i.e 10 episodes only but from the title, it’s clear that this season is going to be all about a single match, the first ever 5 set game the boys will be playing. Those familiar with either the anime or even better, the manga, KNOW that Haikyu!! can really stretch out a single match while keeping the tension high. Thus, it seems more likely those fans will be worried about things being rushed or cramped during adaptation from manga to anime. It’s most likely that the show creators decided to adapt only this match with such a specific and odd number of episodes in order to keep the Haikyu!! hype, animation quality and fandom alive without exhausting the source material as the show is quickly catching up to the manga.

Too late! I think he already knows you’re there.

Given how high the stakes are for this match, even the show itself makes the match feel a lot more formal than usual giving us a proper introduction sequence of all the players before the match kicks off and making the entire event feel a lot more official and serious as compared to previous matches in the show. For fans who have been bemoaning the fact that Karasuna has never had a proper crowd of supporters and cheerleaders during their matches, the good news is they finally do..though like Karasuna’s volleyball team at the start, they too need quite a bit of work before they can match up to the skill and cheers of other schools. In fact, it’s the Vice-Principal leading the school students in their cheer, and remembering his appearance in the very first season, it feels like things came full circle.
There’s not much to be said for or against Haikyu!!’s latest season, as it continues to be everything that fans have loved about it so far. Considering this is the third season, if you’re reading this preview, you’ve already watched the episode as soon as it came online and are most likely reading previews and reviews to work up your hype and love for the series. It’s going to be interesting watching the show format and the characters adapt to a full 5 set match and my only warning about this season would be that if you felt like last season had quite a bit of dragged out matches, this entire season is going to be A SINGLE match so heads up.

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Recommended: Season 3 of Haikyu!! brings back all that the series is loved for, comedy, action, good animation drama and an extra dose of tension with an intimidating opponent team that’s filled with equally interesting characters.


Haikyu!! Season 3 is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com.

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