Hakumei and Mikochi – Anime Preview

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Synopsis: Hakumei and Mikochi are just 9 centimeters tall, but their adventures will show us how day to day chores can be the biggest adventure in a small world full of wonders. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

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1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The art and colours of Hakumei and Mikochi will almost instantly transport its viewers to a different world, one’s that’s magical and fairytale like. Thanks to all the miniature humans, items and animals freely interacting and co-operating with each other, it has this aura and tone that will remind you of comforting and magical tales from your childhood and is bound to make most viewers feel fuzzy and warm with nostalgia.

Tom: Hakumei and Mikochi looks like a children’s story book come to life. It’s got beautiful colors, and solid, cutesy character designs. At times the series utilizes limited animation, and storybook framing, which has the unintended side effect of making Hakumei and Mikochi appear ‘cheap.’ Assuming you notice the limited animation used in certain sequences, it can accidentally pull you out of things.

Linny: Hakumei and Mikochi is another perfect example of anime designed for unwinding after a long and hectic day. Nothing majorly exciting or humorous happens, everything is a little subdued and nothing dramatic happens that isn’t sweet or kind natured. All of that works to set an atmosphere of calm and cute meant to put a relaxed smile on the face of its viewers.

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Tom: That laidback atmosphere though can be just a tad too slow I think, cutting away much needed drama or comedy that could’ve given the series a little more pop. As it stands, Hakumei and Mikochi is squarely aimed at the extreme slice of life crowd, who seek those excessively low-key, zero drama anime. It’s perfect for them, and really anyone looking for something easy going for their children to enjoy as well. But due to its lack of conflict or comedy, it feels perhaps too boring and sluggish for a more general audience. 

Linny: For anyone out there who likes quiet and sweet stories with characters that are equally subdued and cute, Hakumei and Mikochi is a must watch. While the animation may be limited, the earthy and almost vintage-y colours employed in the show are a soothing sight. As far as extremely subdued slice of life stories go, Hakumei and Mikochi is a more than satisfying choice in the genre.

“Take it or Leave it: Hakumei and Mikochi captures the laid-back, easy going, heartwarming nature of Slice of Life, but lacks too much drama or comedy for a more general viewer.”

“Recommended: Hakumei and Mikochi employs earthy colours, sweet, subdued stories and characters that effortlessly exude a calming and magical aura.”














Hakumei and Mikochi is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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