Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 2 – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Umaru’s second season reunites her with her friends, her big brother, and her beloved COLA!  (Official Anime Strike Synopsis)

When you have the whole house to yourself for the night.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: The Trash Monster is back with solid animation that generally matches the quality of season one, although things don’t quite hold up during a soccer match between Umaru and her rival, Sylphinford and the rest of their school.

Linny: Aside from a really quick and simple one line opener briefly mentioning Umaru’s double sided personality, Season 2 of Umaru dives right back into the story, feeling like a seamless continuation of last season. There’s no expanded effort to revisit and re-establish our characters otherwise and the first story brings back all the Umaru gag classics as it shows Umaru’s first unsupervised all nighter gaming while her brother stays overnight at his office for work reasons.

It’s not the most agile defense though.

Tom: The episode makes sure we get a glimpse at each of the recurring cast members, as if checking marks off a list to ensure audiences know everyone is back. It can make proceedings feel a tad haphazard as the episode attempts to weave a loose through narrative about Umaru wanting to reach out to friends more just so we can get the whole gang in.

Linny: Indeed, the first episode manages to sort of jam Erica and her crush on Taihei, Umaru’s brother, into the first half of the episode then spends a good chunk really trying to sell to the audience that Umaru is trying to befriend Sylphinford. For fans of Sylphyn, this means great news as you are going to get a ton of content revolving around her this episode and maybe, if the season decides to keep this theme going, a lot more of her the entire season as well.

And this is why you always put Attendance Compulsory.

Tom: I shouldn’t have to say this, and in all honesty it’s perhaps to pad the word count here on an otherwise short review (I mean, who’s going to read this besides on the fence Umaru fans?) but this first episode hardly works as an introduction for newcomers, instead more focused on a sort of ‘welcome back fans’ mode. So for anyone who’s been dying for more Umaru, it’s safe to say that with this opening, we’re in for a ride that’ll satisfy fans and keep Umaru-chan as trashy a monster as she’s ever been.

Linny: I’d call myself a more casual fan of this series, not super passionate about it but someone who enjoys some of the solid gags ever so often. If you’re on the fence about continuing the series and aren’t super averse to it, chances are this season will most likely continue to entertain you about the same. There’s no major drop in quality, guaranteeing a great return for the die hard Umaru fans and an enjoyable watch for those less enamoured.

“Recommended: Fans of Umaru-chan will find that Season 2 seems on track for another solid entry in the lovable trash monster’s shenanigans.”

“Recommended: Umaru returns with everything it’s beloved for, ensuring die hard fans will be pleased.”













Himouto! Umaru-chan is available for streaming via Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel.

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