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Synopsis: High schooler Masahiro Setagawa is a fairly helpless delinquent, so much so that the neighborhood bullies use him to run their errands. His life changes when he meets high school teacher Kosuke Oshiba. (Official Anime Strike Synopsis)

Watch out! We got a badass over here.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Hitorijime My Hero doesn’t look impressive. It suffers washed out colors that keep the art from popping. Further hindering the experience is a bizarre decision to change the main character’s hair color half way through the episode. By itself not a problem, but the series also produces two other characters with Setagawa’s original orange hair color, causing some brief confusion between time skips.

Linny: The hair colour change up and shared hair colours definitely do not help the episode’s already confusing time skip narration style. While it isn’t enough to sour one completely, it does lead to some momentary perplexity as you’re left to ascertain what came before and what came after. The time jumps are enough make the story feel a little all over the place and a bit of a hassle to follow at first glance. The muted colours could also prove a deterrent to holding the viewers’ gaze making one possibly feel like the show isn’t grabbing their attention.

Someone’s trying hard for the sympathy points.

Tom: Further muddying this opening the episode skips a few scenes that, I think, were really needed to sell certain aspects of the show. Kosuke Oshiba is supposedly a bad ass. A smart, good looking guy who beats up the bad guys and acts as a kind of local hero to Setagawa. Trouble is we never once see Kosuke throw his fists. And more to the point the thugs he beats up? We never really see them doing anything truly untoward. And I think those are both scenes we need. It’s not really enough to just be told the thugs are bad guys and Kosuke is a bad ass. These are aspects we need confirmation on. It’s not that I don’t believe the show, because that would be silly, but rather in order to really get sucked in I need to be seeing these big moments with my own two eyes.

Linny: For a shonen ai (also known as Boy’s Love), the story has been very muted and toned down. There’s been little to no outright sexual or romantic overtones between our pairs, save for some discreet pairing in the credits. But that could be because the show in general is very muted, both in colour and in tone. The events and characters in the story play out in such a restrained manner that Hitorijime starts off feeling like a slow slice of life with some occassional comedic reactions thrown in.

Can YOU guess what he saw?

Tom: It is surprising how un-Boy’s Lovey this episode was. For a show marked as a Shounen Ai, or Boy’s Love tale, there’s a distinct lack of imagery helping to ‘ship’ Setagawa and Kosuke, or really anyone else. As characters go there was only one stand out, Kosuke’s younger brother, who has a way more lively and hectic personality than everyone else.

Linny: Kensuke Ooshiba definitely steals the show because of the fact that he is the only one who seems to be constantly reacting out loud to all sorts of news and events. Some might dismiss him as obnoxious and trope-y but he does help inject life into what is otherwise a rather slow story and becomes one of the most memorable characters from the episode.

Romance BEGIN!

Tom: Hitorijime my Hero is decent. There’s character development, a bit of drama, and moves at acceptable enough a pace. But it just doesn’t stand out, no matter how flashy its lead’s hair color is.

Linny: Hitorijime My Hero’s biggest flaw so far is its confusing narration style and the resulting inability to establish its own story and character. While you do get a bit of background on some characters, it’s not enough to really give viewers a true feel and the muted story telling doesn’t help them pop either. However, if it continues to be this restrained with its shonen ai elements as well, it could potentially please viewers seeking a romantic boys love story that isn’t shoving sexual imagery down your throat every single chance it gets and instead offer a realistic and reasonable boys love tale.

“Take it or Leave it: Hitorijime My Hero opens in a fairly standard and plain fashion, leaving little to hate but little to love as well.”

“Take it or Leave it: Hitorijime My Hero starts off muted and a little confusing but could develop into an enjoyable non-sexualized boys love romance.”













Hitorijime my Hero is available for streaming via Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel.

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  • So yea! I finally got to watch this and I need to drop a few comments as this is one of my top new show of the season. First context, I’m a big BL fan and I read Hitorijime my hero and Hitorijime my boyfriend a while ago and while Hero is ongoing my boyfriend was a single volume and it’s completed.

    So first, 2 point that were bugging me. 1. the start of the Hero manga was very confusing and I was scared on how they would adapt it and 2.I was initially pretty bummed Hero was the one getting an adaptation since I vastly preferred Boyfriend has it feature the better couple. BUT this adaptation yo, that first episode impressed the hell out of me.

    The confusing start of Hero has actually been pretty much reordered for it to make more sense, but to actually help it, they are basically MIXING both the story of Hero and Boyfriend’s manga. While it might seem messy, this actually makes tons of sense has both story kind of intertwine. Most of the stuff that happened with Kensuke aside from the kitten part actually is from Boyfriend. For context, Boyfriend is Kensuke and Hasekura’s story, while Hero is Setagawa and Ooshiba’s story.

    Next, I just love the colors and design they are using for both the environment and the characters. It’s very pretty and make the boys even better. Also man is Kensuke a good character. I love his kind and hyperactive attitude alongside is more quick to react shy nature around things that trigger him. Best design too.

    So yea, add really great anime designs and beautiful colors to this great revamped story and I just love it. Shame you guys did like it that much. Also lets make things clear. Kensuke is best boy and KensukexHasekura is best couple. Glad we agree. 😛

    • Thanks for the info! That’s interesting they decided to kinda mix the two manga into one anime. Sounds like this opening, while perhaps still a little confusing, makes more sense and is a step up from what you’ve described.

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