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Hoshi no Samidare: The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer (Chapters 5-8) Review Discussion

Hoshi no Samidare: The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer:

Chapters 5-8

Reviewed by:Linny

When you're not quite sure if your hero is a hero.

Talk about multiple personalities.

Synopsis: Amamiya Yuuhi is an underachieving college student, who is approached by a lizard asking him to help find a Princess, and save the planet as the Princess’ knight. Though he is unwilling and dismissive of the lizard, he then agrees to help when he is asked by the Princess, Samidare to help her destroy the world instead. Will Amamiya and Samidare succeed and what drives them to want to destroy the world?

Chapter Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead): Yuuhi’s grandfather makes his appearance and we get to the root of their history together. Then Yuuhi is forced into his first solo fight and despite his abysmal performance against the last golem he encountered, a mysterious dream invigorates him and helps him win the fight. Finally, as we reach the end of Volume 1, we meet a new fellow knight, Shinome Hangetsu, who turns out to be much more than his first impressions leads us to believe.

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

So Chapter 5 starts teasing us readers about a potential meeting and ensuing explanations about Yuuhi and his grandfather. We watch as he tries to avoid the meeting and as he continues to struggle with becoming a worthy knight for his lady Samidare. This chapter felt like it was continuing the light hearted humourous vibe sprinkled liberally throughout the earlier chapters despite the more moody connotations brought about by the phone call about his grandfather’s illness.

In all honesty, this story began losing me when it became melodramatic about Yuuhi’s past, and the huge reveal about his past with his grandfather felt a little too heavy handed to me. Even the imagery of a kid in chains made me roll my eyes rather than feel any real sympathy because the entire situation seemed like it was trying too hard. I am sure that there are plenty of readers who will disagree with me but if you’re like me and dislike it when anime and manga tries to use really extreme incidents to evoke drama, than Biscuit Hammer is more likely to disappoint you, atleast when it comes to making its male protagonist a empathy raising character. Even if we were to treat this revelation as an explanation of how our hero became who he is today, rather than an attempt to make the readers sad, it felt a bit convoluted.

Just balancing out the male to female fan service.

Just balancing out the male to female fan service.

Seeing Yuuhi struggle and admit that he had gotten dependent on being under someone’s command and control was a better explanation for curious readers as to his sudden and ready willingness to serve Samidare. This was something that felt better executed and more convincing than his original reasoning for wanting to destroy the world. It’s more relatable or realistic to have a character who’s gotten used to living an apathetic life and being able to pin all blame and responsibility on others. Thus, it becomes a moving gesture when said person starts to put in real effort to change himself and be a competent person. His first solo battle also helps to keep the reader engaged by making it clear that up to then, Yuuhi hasn’t been able to really accomplish the least bit of success, so there’s the burning question of exactly how he is going to survive this battle. There’s no question that he will survive it of course, since he is one of the main characters and this is only the first volume, and he is only fighting a minion. His victory, when he finally achieves it, was clever and yet simple enough to make for a convincing first battle, and with the added emotional value, it made for an enjoyable chapter.

I thought this wasn't a teen romantic comedy?

I thought this wasn’t a teen romantic comedy?

Yuuhi seems to be quite a dreamer though, with so many dream sequences and all of them apparently being somewhat relevant and having real life repercussions. Let’s just say dude seems to be getting great mileage from his dreams. How you take to these sequences is most likely going to depend on how much you’re enjoying these characters and the story so far. The constant teasing of the audience and Yuuhi himself as to how prophetic or real these dreams are, started to get a bit grating for me, especially as I was already starting to lose interest thanks to the heavy dose of melodrama. If you’re like me, let me just say that there is some light at the end of the tunnel as Chapter 8 puts the drama behind and welcomes a most interesting new character named Shinome Hangetsu. Not only does he add to the excitement by being a new fellow knight, but he is actually the complete opposite of Yuuhi. So if you’re not fond of personalities like Yuuhi, Shinome is a welcome sight and a chance for the story to win you back. He is comedic on purpose, honest, and is able to match and even best Samidare in combat and skill.


Best introduction and best reaction to an introduction in this story so far.

His presence brings with it a lot of complications as he seems to be thoroughly disappointed by Samidare’s lack of skill and control over her power, and he seems to be genuinely determined to save the world, unlike our two main characters. Seeing how easily he is able to outmatch her makes one wonder just how he will react when he learns of her true intentions. Also, for those who missed the comedy, Shinome brings it in bucket loads. For those who dislike constant slapstick, Shinome (in this chapter) will get on your nerves.


And we return to the stream of panty jokes

Chapter 1-8 constitute the first volume of Hoshi no Samidare: The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer and it was a bit of a ride for me as I constantly wavered between engaged and annoyed. While the volume ended on a good note for me, I am still undecided if I want to carry on. Biscuit Hammer has some uncommon protagonists for those who tire of the typical Shounen/Seinen with an overpowered male protagonist. But then our female protagonist seems to be just as overpowered as them. It is unique that the goal of our heroes is to completely annihilate earth, so that’s a catchy hook. There’s also plenty of panty based humour which is more innocent than perverted, so those who hate fan service can relax that there is no overt sexualizing of our characters..but pervier readers can delight over the regular doses of panty jokes. Those who enjoyed the lack of romantic undertones earlier on might be disappointed as it starts to show signs of development as the story progresses. On the other hand, if you NEED romance in your stories, you’re probably going to be happy. The drama might feel a little too forced for any reader like me, but it does unquestionably leave quite an impact. For those who are familiar with and love this series, please do feel free to leave comments about what you love about this series (and maybe end up convincing me to pick up Volume 2). For those who are new to Biscuit Hammer, I hope this post helps you decide if it has earned a place on your reading list or not.


More fan service to balance out the panty flashing ratio.


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