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Synopsis: Ueno may be the president of the science club at her junior high and a genius inventor, but she still can’t figure out how to confess to her crush, Tanaka! Can she find a way to give her heart what it truly yearns for? (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

It could be worse.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno. has a simple premise: watch how clueless Tanaka can be as Ueno tries to confess her love for him in the most extreme ways. Ueno, president of the science club, even gets quite direct about it in the very first skit but the nature of her feelings towards Tanaka still completely escapes him. If this is going to be the through line for the rest of the show, this overly simple plot could easily become repetitive. The first episode becomes especially confusing in regards to its title as no, Ueno is not clumsy, just strange and if anything, the show should be called ‘How Clueless You Are, Mister Tanaka’.

Tom: Miss Ueno has the potential to be funny, the very idea of someone so clueless vs someone who’s methods are so extreme is amusing at the very least. But Miss Ueno starts so extreme, leaps and bounds ahead of where audiences are likely to be. We open with Ueno trying to get Tanaka to drink her, supposedly filtered, pee as a way of confessing her feelings. The logic connecting her utterly bizarre actions with her desires just isn’t there and that forms a wide disconnect for anyone who wants to understand these characters. For many, comedy needs to be relatable. It need not be realistic, but without internal logic (not real world logic mind you) it can be difficult to connect with increasingly absurd comedy.

Someone knows their audience.

Linny: The humour in this series is simply bizarre. Things start off with two extreme scenarios; getting a guy to drink your pee and then making him take a look at whats under your skirt. There’s a quick mention in the episode that Ueno has never been subtle about her confessions, meaning things are only going to continue being strange. If you do not immediately take to the comedy, it’s unlikely the future is going to offer anything different. That’s not to say the comedy is bad, it just requires that you’re a fan of its main/single gag premise from the get go. Thus, Miss Ueno might be worth a try, given its short run time (12 or so minutes an episode,) for fans of over the top comedy but on the other hand, likely a skip for those who like their humour understated.

Tom: I agree with Linny that Miss Ueno isn’t terrible. It’s bound to have certain audiences in stitches over how extreme Ueno’s methods get. But without the internal logic to carry us from a more relatable starting point of romance to the extreme comedy, Ueno ends up ramping up to 100 too fast. While the second sketch offered, Ueno trying to get Tanaka to peek up her skirt, is slightly more understandable, it still feels like some mental gymnastics are required in order to understand Ueno’s goal, or how she could possibly think her methodology will lead to any kind of romantic victory.

Take it or Leave it: Ramping up to 100 right away, Miss Ueno is poised as this strange cross between romance and dirty comedy that doesn’t quite work.

Take it or Leave it: Miss Ueno takes the simple premise of confessing your love and mixes it with the most extreme and bizarre gags, making it a rather peculiar show.

















How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno. is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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